Sit Down and Have a Long Talk with Your E-Business Application

  • Written By: A. Turner
  • Published: August 25 2000

Sit Down and Have a Long Talk with Your E-Business Application
A. Turner - August 25, 2000

Event Summary

On August 1, 2000, Locus Dialogue Inc. announced a solution developer partnership with Great Plains. Through this partnership Locus Dialogue will speech-enable access to solutions from Great Plains.

According to the folks at Locus, the Locus Dialogue SpeechPortal platform provides access to people, places and information from any telephone, anywhere at anytime using human speech. Speech access enables enterprises to leverage their investments in network infrastructures, business-to-business applications and web content through wired, wireless, and Internet telephones.

The integration of the Locus Dialogue SpeechPortal platform and Great Plains' eEnterprise solution is intended to merge the cost-efficiency and universality of the telephone with the power and convenience of an e-business solution. The resulting speech-enabled products are planned to boost productivity and provide unprecedented ease-of-use.

Market Impact

The question is, how exactly do Locus and Great Plains plan on implementing speech-enabled applications? It is easy to imagine a science fiction induced dialogue between man and computer, but Locus and Great Plains plans are a little less dramatic.

Steve Altendorf, Great Plains solution developer relationship manager, reports the partnership will most likely focus on employee self service applications for human resource and/or service modules. For example an application that allows users to change personal exemptions, schedule conference rooms, or log a service call via voice instructions.

Locus is not alone in its delivery of voice recognition software. Industry participants such as IBM, Philips, Dragon Systems and Voice Express all offer a form of speech software. Equal challenges among these participants include, ease of use, adoption and performance. The Locus/Great Plains development agreement is worth watching to discover the application adoption and usage rate. If successful, perhaps voice integrated self service applications will become standard.

User Recommendations

If a unique feature set coupled with an ERP or CRM application is on your requirement list, this is worth investigating. Otherwise, we suggest measuring the applications on their own merit and allow the technologies to catch up with each other.

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