Skelta BPM Is Now TEC Certified

TEC is pleased to announce that Invensys’ business process management (BPM) solution Skelta has joined the ranks of TEC certified BPM systems.
To obtain TEC certification, Invensys completed TEC’s detailed research questionnaire for Skelta BPM and went through a formal comprehensive product demonstration with TEC analysts.

This demo provided TEC with a first-hand look at Skelta´s outstanding features and at the same time showed some of Skelta’s design principles for helping users design, deploy, operate, and monitor business process management projects. It also provided insight into how Skelta provides support for the more than one hundred features and functionality sets that TEC was particularly interested in taking a closer look at, to ensure the product's support for a specific set of real-world business processes.

Having this comprehensive demonstration helped us to witness directly some of Skelta’s most relevant features, such as its unique integration with Microsoft’s platform, providing embedded BPM functionality under SharePoint, as well as the solution’s complete set of features for workflow/process design and its configuration capabilities, allowing users to customize the solution according to their needs.

Also, during the certification demo we were able to see how Skelta provides users with communication and collaboration services and functionality for business activity monitoring and key performance indicator design and maintenance. We also witnessed some of Skelta’s outstanding security features for ensuring secure process management and performance.
Skelta BPM’s Process Modeler screencap (courtesy of Invensys)
About Invensys
Invensys is a global technology company that partners with a range of industrial and commercial customers to design and supply advanced technologies for operational performance and profitability optimization. With a strong presence in a broad number of commercial and industrial sectors such as utilities, oil and gas, and communications, Invensys also offers a wide variety of software solutions such as industrial automation and business process management, and a product stack including Skelta BPM.
Invensys has a particular focus in the business process management arena, with long-term experience in developing BPM solutions for a number of high profile customers, such as Acer, Siemens, and Unisys.
Invensys is publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE: ISYS.L) and has a longstanding history of business development with many of the top petroleum, chemical, and pharmaceutical companies in the world.
About Skelta BPM
Skelta BPM is indeed a product to keep an eye on. Built to comply with .NET technology, it provides users with advanced BPM functionality, and, aside from working as a standalone,  offers an embeddable solution for those organizations working with Microsoft-based infrastructures, including SharePoint Accelerator and BizTalk connector. Skelta’s integration capabilities work alongside strong process modeling features to provide reliable and agile ways to design and implement processes, such as complete coverage for data modeling (seen in functionality comparison to the average solution in TEC’s BPM solution database in the figure below).   
Skelta’s BPM data modeling capabilities
More on the product background, highlights, features and functions, and competitive strengths and weaknesses as measured against the average solution in the business process management solution software space will be available in the Skelta TEC Certification Report, coming to the TEC Web site soon. The full report will include Skelta’s strengths, weaknesses, and benchmarking analysis for each functionality module, including process collaboration, form management, workflow portal, monitoring and management, and process analytics.  
In the meantime, you can see TEC's complete profile for Invensys and its BPM offering here or interactively review Skelta BPM via TEC Advisor.
Stay tuned for the report, and if you have a particular question, please leave me a comment below.
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