Small Businesses Propel Intuit (and the Vendor Reciprocates)

We don’t typically comment on vendors’ individual quarterly earning reports, but Intuit’s recently announced fourth-quarter 2013 earnings are worth discussing owing to the big year of its small business group. QuickBooks Online represents the biggest growth engine for Intuit’s Small Business Group, especially globally. Demandforce led revenue growth for the group in Q4, followed by the former Financial Management Solutions group (now Small Business Financial Solutions, after the recent reorganization), which Includes QuickBooks Online.

Q4 highlights included the following:

  • Increased revenue by 12 percent, to $634 million (USD).

  • Delivered 13 percent higher revenue in the Small Business Group, led by Demandforce, which was acquired in May 2012.

  • Grew QuickBooks Online subscribers by 28 percent to 487,000, with subscribers outside the US growing by 80 percent to 32,000.

Giving Back to Small Businesses

Small businesses drive the US economy, but rarely stand in the national spotlight. Intuit’s new program, Small Business Big Game, is one way the vendor is giving small businesses the recognition they deserve. Small Business Big Game should help small businesses succeed with $25 million (USD) in rewards. Intuit is providing a platform to give small businesses a voice, and the program culminates with one deserving small business receiving the opportunity of a lifetime: its very own coveted (and prohibitively expensive) 30-second commercial during the NFL Super Bowl in February 2014. The Super Bowl ad will not feature Intuit branding, except for a quick logo shot at the end.

Small Business Big Game provides the resources the 29 million small businesses across the US need to succeed. Small businesses can sign up at the page. The following businesses are eligible to enter:

  • One must be a legal resident or US citizen, and be 18 years or older.

  • One must own a small business, defined by having 50 or fewer full-time employees.

  • One's business must be in the US.

  • One's story must be clean. Offensive or inappropriate entries will not be considered.

  • One is either the small business owner or an employee, with the latter submitting permission from the owner.

Also included in the $25 million in rewards are grants, Google AdWords credits, Facebook credits, and more. Every small business that enters will win a QuickBooks Online bundle and a Small Business Playbook with tips for success. All entrants will get 30 days free plus 50 percent off for 12 months on Intuit QuickBooks Online, including payroll and credit card processing (valid for new users only).
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