Sneak Peek at TEC’s 2012 Buyer’s Guide Roster

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You asked for it, you got it. Based on your feedback, Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) has released its 2012 buyer’s guide calendar, which outlines the planned themes for our popular buyer’s guide series. With more interest and downloads than ever before, the TEC buyer’s guide team is excited to work on next year’s lineup.

In 2012, we will once again be publishing four issues spanning diverse topics in enterprise software. As with past buyer’s guides, these issues will include a wealth of analyst insight, a state of the market analysis, solution overviews, vendor case studies, and a comprehensive technology directory.

Look for our final buyer’s guide of the year, “New Innovations in CRM,” which is slated for publication in November 2011. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at TEC’s quarterly buyer’s guide roster for 2012:

Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Businesses operating at an international level must be able to structure their supply chains flexibly and economically in order to keep up with the competition. This buyer’s guide presents a variety of enterprise software solutions that address the specifics of global trade management, and outlines ways for organizations to incorporate trade automation tools and collaboration platforms for increased supply chain visibility.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Service Industries
Service-oriented companies vary largely in terms of what, where, and how services are delivered to their customers. As these companies extend the reach of their services to the global level, they are challenged with managing their operations and resources—and delivering their services—in an effective, affordable, and scalable manner. This buyer’s guide examines service-centric organizations, their growing ERP requirements, and the ways ERP software vendors are addressing these requirements.

SaaS Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Performance Management (BPM)
Software as a service (SaaS) BI and BPM software solutions add tremendous value to organizations that have specific budget, human resources, and technical constraints. They also provide access to BI analysis, reporting tools, and new features—all the while evading the hardware and information technology (IT) personnel costs of a traditional BI system deployment. This buyer’s guide provides a comprehensive state-of-the-market analysis and overview of on-demand and SaaS BI and BPM solutions.

Financial Packages for Medium and Large Enterprises
It’s hard to imagine a modern company operating without any accounting software. Today’s organizations are looking for software that is easy to work with and flexible enough to reflect routine changes—yet is sufficiently rich and scalable to address a number of daily operations challenges. This buyer’s guide examines the major problems that medium and large businesses experience with financial and accounting processes, and analyzes what various solutions can offer in order to mitigate those problems.

Vendor Sponsorships Available
Are you vendor or value-added reseller (VAR) looking to sponsor our buyer’s guides? There are limited opportunities available to include your thought leadership briefs and customer success stories. Contact our Vendor/VAR Relations team to find out if you qualify.
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