So Does your e-Business Provider have Internationally Recognized Tools in its Digital Business Consulting Toolkit?

  • Written By: R. Krause
  • Published: February 25 2000

So Does your e-Business Provider have Internationally Recognized Tools in its Digital Business Consulting Toolkit?
E. Robins - February 25th, 2000

Event Summary

PriceWaterhouse is playing the game of minimizing risk (they read preparedness) in the digital-business sphere. In many ways, they are right in thinking that digital-business preparedness has a major influence on the decision of what you need to do to accomplish the goal of a digital presence in the marketplace, with the least risk. Some 75% of businesses fail in this sector (the rate for projects in most established corporations could be much less).

EMM@ works much like a checklist of corporate internal procedures and capabilities by drilling down through various levels of its decision-tree model. According to Chris Kinsey, EMM@ Program Manager, EMM@ is becoming the e-business research platform standard at leading universities throughout the world who are part of the PwC Knowledge Alliance.

Market Impact

In the current hectic environment of e-business development, particularly B2B, the advantages of, for example, moving to an e-procurement or Internet based supply chain management process far outweighs the risks involved, if only from the ROI perspective. An experienced DBSP (Digital Business Service Provider) should be able to give the guidance the client needs. However, there's the rub - do they have the tools? In that case EMM@ is pointing in the right direction.

Many e-business activities are recreations of old businesses, extensions of brick and mortar businesses, and entirely new businesses for which the tool has little application. Thus the market impact, if any, will be in the high-end markets of the Fortune 1000.

User Recommendations

User's should be generally aware that there are very few standardized management consulting tools in the toolkits of DBSP's that have been independently tested and verified. Though EMM@ is probably of limited usefulness in particular cases, it is worth determining what tools and capabilities a DBSP has at its disposal, what it has created on its own, and if the process covers your industry, business processes, and corporate culture.

EMM@ would provide a DBSP with a standardized tool. It probably should be used once the corporate implications of the business' digital strategy have been worked out. Most process changes on the broad scale should have been evaluated, making the tool a checklist against what you want to do, not necessarily as to what exists today.

Remember, as well, the model may be a bit like one-shoe-fits-all. As Karel De Baere of Pricewaterhouse puts it "(the model) comes with its own value chain analysis".

Managers in large corporate organizations may also benefit from using the tool as a preliminary step in assessing their business preparedness, but probably with assistance from a consultant who can customize the tool to the client needs.

Pricewaterhouse plans to license the tool sometime later this year. It might be worth a check for DBSPs to see whether it fits with your toolkit. The same is true for senior managers in the FORTUNE 1000 if you're still looking at that point of going digital.


B2B: Business-to-Business

CMM: Capability Maturity Model

DBSP: Digital Business Service Provider

EMM: E-business Maturity Model

ROI: Return on Investment



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