Solarsoft Tropos ERP Is Now TEC Certified

In addition to the recently certified iVP software, the Solarsoft applications that have been certified by TEC now include Tropos ERP. The certification process is complete and I’m currently in the process of writing the full TEC Certification Report on the product (access full list of certification reports). Here is my preliminary report of Tropos ERP.

The vendor is a global software company with 12 offices worldwide, and with the majority of their clients based in North America and the United Kingdom.

Unlike its discrete manufacturing-oriented product iVP, Solarsoft positions the Tropos ERP software as a corporate-wide enterprise resource planning (ERP) system specifically designed for process and recipe-based production environments. The product is also capable of supporting some discrete manufacturing.

The product’s capabilities were confirmed during our certification demo sessions and Tropos ERP was certified in TEC’s ERP for mixed-mode manufacturing model. This means that a wide variety of food and beverage processors, pharmaceutical, health care, cosmetics, and mills and metal processing businesses, as well as businesses with both process and discrete manufacturing requirements can use the system for managing their everyday activities.

It is also worth noting that lean manufacturing is the company’s fourth most important software sector. Specific components of manufacturing-focused Tropos ERP include its ability to work with co-products and by-products with proper tracking of associated costs, as well as deal with recipes and formulas, and inverted bills of materials.

Although Solarsoft was legally established in 2007 via a merger between Canada-based CMS Software and British XKO Software, Tropos ERP has been on the market for more than 25 years and had already gained an impressive client base by the time of the merger.

In terms of the size of its customers’ businesses, the vendor mainly targets, but is not limited to, companies with annual revenue between $10 million to 500 million (USD)—in other words, a large segment of small to medium businesses (SMBs).

Being highly focused on process manufacturing, the Tropos ERP team has experience in the industry, and is able to understand the nuances of the industry and talk with customers’ in their language. The company’s selected distribution model confirms this, as Solarsoft does all the sales, implementation, and support on its own—without using resellers of any type. This allows the development team to focus on the selected industry, work closely with their clients and users, and, therefore, develop software under the direct influence of its customers and be fully aware of their real-life issues, requirements, and wishes.

All the aforementioned factors make the Tropos software product a strong competitor in the ERP for process manufacturing space, which was clearly evident during the certification process. As the certification report will show, the software outperforms its industry rivals, including large and famous tier one and two vendors, in terms of available functionality (all the details will be available in the upcoming report).

Another important point worth mentioning is that although the Tropos software is focused on manufacturing and distribution activities, its financials and human resources functionality are supported via built-in integration with Solarsoft partners’ solutions—Coda Financials from UNIT4 and human resource management and payroll solutions from Mitrefinch Ltd. Both products perform very well in their areas and represent a best-of-breed approach to delivering the required functionality.

Solarsoft does not limit businesses within its Tropos ERP software—rather, the vendor offers a variety of “plug-in” applications aimed to support processes that are not part of the ERP software’s core functionality but still may still be required by process manufacturers. Those are electronic data interchange (EDI), distribution management, warehouse management, manufacturing execution system, Web applications, and Informance EMI (manufacturing intelligence). All this functionality enables organizations to get a complete view of their business.

Look for the TEC Certification Report on Tropos ERP with more on the product background, highlights, features and functions, competitive strengths and weaknesses, which will be available in the upcoming weeks at:

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