Space-Time Insight Releases Version 4.0 of Situational Intelligence Suite

space-time-insight150.pngIf you think you know it all about business intelligence (BI) and analytics, think twice, because Situational Intelligence is here. This week, during DistribuTECH 2013 in San Diego, California, Space-Time Insight, a provider of innovative intelligence offerings, announced the latest release (4.0) of its product suite. After listening to its global customer base, Space-Time Insight is accommodating new user requirements by enhancing its product to include:

  • A broader list of connectors and data adapters available out of the box

  • More dynamic user interfaces to provide users with extensive abilities to interact with their analytics desktop

  • Improved security for system and data access at application and user levels

  • Improvements in the high performance and visualization of large data volume sets

And finally, new predictive analytics capabilities are being incorporated into the core product not only to provide users with real-time insights but also to expand their view of the data with the ability to make predictions for taking proactive measures.

Rob Schilling, CEO of Space-Time Insight, states:
In this era of big data, businesses are challenged to understand and make rapid decisions on data being generated at different speeds in a variety of formats. With the release of our 4.0 product suite, Space-Time Insight further raises the bar on the way all data is correlated, analyzed and visualized. Our customers are not just analyzing data, they’re gaining incredible insights from it. And they’re not just looking at it in charts and tables, they’re visualizing it in unique ways that are meaningful to their business.

Space-Time Insight calls an interesting combination of disciplines to action that can be useful in industries such as utilities, transportation companies, and telecommunications providers—industries where many factors collide and real value for the decision-making process can come only from indepth analysis.

So who’s taking advantage of Situational Intelligence products? Organizations such as California ISO and Ekom have already deployed these type of solutions to analyze real-time and historical upcoming data and use different sets of analytics to obtain real-time insights and take faster action.

The beauty of Situational Intelligence is how it unites multiple disciplines—operational, location, collaborative, and other types of intelligence—to gain a 360° insight into an organization. This makes products like the Space-Time Insight SI Suite attractive for companies that need to perform real-time intensive analysis of large volumes of information coming from disparate sources and in different forms on which to base assertive operational and tactical decisions. Such is the case with utilities and asset-intensive industries.

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