Sterling Software Sees the Light with Eureka:Intelligence

  • Written By: M. Reed
  • Published: November 17 1999

Event Summary

MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Sterling Software, Inc. (NYSE: SSW) announced general availability today of its new EUREKA:Intelligence product. EUREKA:Intelligence is a Web-Based Integrated, Query, Analysis and Reporting tool that allows users to easily query, manipulate and format data for personal or shared use. It integrates the most commonly used business intelligence capabilities into a single tool, making it valuable for the majority of business users. EUREKA:Intelligence is ideally suited for large, distributed organizations that require general purpose analyses reporting requirements for a large portion of business users. The 100% Java tool also satisfies the unique requirements of business-to-business e-commerce companies.

EUREKA:Intelligence is the latest product to be added to the integrated EUREKA:Suite. The suite also contains products for web-based production reporting, analysis of very large databases, and advanced ad-hoc analysis. In addition, EUREKA:Portal provides a single point of entry and is a common platform of services for all EUREKA:Suite products. Since EUREKA:Intelligence is 100% Java, it provides cross-platform support. The client code is maintained and deployed automatically by the EUREKA:Intelligence server, so there is no need to install or update client code. The product has multiple analytical view modes including chart, pivot, table, and report document. There is also a scheduling capability to allow users to monitor performance over time. Time-series groupings of similar archived reports can be used to generate historical information.

Market Impact

Sterling Software is making moves into the portal market, similar to actions taken by Cognos, Ardent Software, MicroStrategy, and many other data warehousing vendors. Sterling completed the acquisition of Information Advantage, a leading provider of web-based business intelligence software, in September 1999. As announced by Sterling L. Williams, president and chief executive officer of Sterling Software, on September 1, "Portal technology is changing the rules of business intelligence, and with this acquisition, we're helping to write those rules. Today, we're announcing the formation of a new product family and a new Business Intelligence Division in order to unleash this enormous potential." Carole Morton, president of the Business Intelligence Group, articulated Sterling's goal to "address the full spectrum of business intelligence needs in any organization. There is no shortage of business intelligence tools on the market. What has been lacking is the ability to integrate the disparate capabilities into a common platform and personalize the environment for every user."

Sterling Software is a late entry to the portal game. MicroStrategy has recently enjoyed great success in this arena (See TEC News Analysis article: "MicroStrategy Moves Up with e-Business", October 6, 1999), and Sterling is going to have to play catch up, however Sterling has a large number of products in its stable, and counts over ninety percent of the Fortune 100 as customers. With their overall market penetration in application development, information management, and storage & network management, they should be able to kick-start their business intelligence offering by leveraging their existing customer base.

User Recommendations

Customers evaluating business intelligence solutions should investigate the possibility of using portal technology to distribute information to end-users. Sterling Software should be included on a long list of vendors to be evaluated, along with MicroStrategy, Cognos, Seagate Software, Brio, Oracle, the SAS Institute, Business Objects, and others. Vendors are entering this arena almost on a daily basis, so the market should be thoroughly researched. Sterling should be questioned about the maturity of their offering, since it has only recently come to market, and Sterling has been in the business intelligence arena for a very short time.

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