SumTotal Announces HCM “Magic Potion” to Cure Disparate HR Assets

At its annual TotalConnections 2013 customer summit, SumTotal Systems LLC announced a new ambitious human capital management (HCM) platform called elixHR, a virtual single source of truth for an organization’s human resources (HR) data. With elixHR, companies will be able to extend and link disparate HR information and processes, as well as external enterprise systems and information, to access comprehensive employee data, processes, and analytics.

As part of SumTotal’s Talent Expansion—the vendor's whole new approach to discovering, developing, and unleashing the hidden potential within an enterprise’s workforce—elixHR will track what employees do, but also provide immediate access to the tools they need to be better at their jobs while they are doing them.

Many organizations have invested significant amounts of time and money implementing multiple HR and talent management systems to help them manage employee information and improve workforce productivity, yet today, most organizations cannot access a global view of their talent. SumTotal has itself acquired a slew of software companies over the past year or so whose disparate HCM and HR data and processes must be integrated in a meaningful manner.

By enabling master data management (MDM) across all HCM processes and information, elixHR aims to deliver higher quality of employee data, allowing organizations to make faster and more informed decisions about their workforce while reducing operational risks and compliance exposure. Integration, unified portal (and portlets), embedded workforce analytics and planning, unified global talent profiles, employee directory and org charts, mobile and social features, and certification and regulatory compliance are only some of the platform’s touted capabilities. The elixHR platform is available immediately with the SumTotal Talent, SumTotal Work, and SumTotal Learn applications.
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