SumTotal Delivers Context-Aware Talent Expansion Suite

At the 16th annual HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas, SumTotal Systems LLC announced the fall 2013 release of its Talent Expansion Suite. It is a context-aware (predictive and prescriptive) solution for human resources (HR), featuring a user experience that delivers personalized talent, learning, and workforce management information and actions to end users.

Employees are increasingly distracted from their work by the information that invades their environment, much of which is not relevant to their work. This increase in “noise” and the need to sift through the input is having a significant impact on employee engagement and productivity, as well as overall organizational performance. SumTotal’s latest Talent Expansion Suite release aims to help employees filter out the noise and focus on information that is truly relevant and important at a given point in time. By collecting and correlating information about the employee’s work environment, activities, connections, and preferences, SumTotal’s solutions can anticipate an employee’s needs and actions and proactively deliver relevant content. The idea is to deliver tools that people use because they want to, not because they have to.

This release of SumTotal Talent Expansion Suite delivers more than 50 features and enhancements across the entire suite. At the heart of the redesigned user interface (UI ) is a consumer-grade user experience (think Amazon or Google) today’s users and employees have come to expect. For example, users can quickly search a graphical carousel for a learning catalogue or courses, and register and initiate a multimodal learning plan from anywhere. They can also quickly and easily report complex absences, like family medical leave, using a personalized wizard interface that intuitively guides them through the process. SumTotal’s new UI leverages HTML 5-based responsive design to offer touch-friendly access and deliver a common experience across all devices. Menus, screens, portlets, and the UI have been redesigned to provide optimal experience based on the size of the device screen.

This new platform builds on SumTotal’s elixHR platform launched earlier in 2013 to combine context-aware data integration and management tools, including out-of-the-box connectors to provide personalized learning, talent, and workforce management information in real time. Right-place, right-time experiences and interactions can be delivered within the SumTotal portal through more than 100 pre-configured cross-functional portlets that allow users to access contextually relevant information and actions from SumTotal in whatever software or systems they are already working in, including customer relationship management (CRM) and point-of-sale (POS) systems.
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