TARGIT BI Product Certified

Recently, I met over the Web with TARGIT’s Ruben Knudsen and Ulrik Pedersen, along with some TEC cohorts to verify TARGIT’S BI product.  TARGIT had  completed a TEC-designed RFI containing a list of BI capabilities that every BI vendor could support  “out of the box.” The RFI is a common list of BI capabilities that we send to all BI vendors, and from the long list of TARGIT responses, we chose 172 entries for them to demonstrate. Without missing a beat, TARGIT demonstrated all the 172 selected entries from a total of 1900 criteria we chose using a “live meeting” and telephone sessions. TARGIT passed with 100 percent verification – no omissions.
TARGIT is a Danish company. Specializing in business intelligence, TARGIT works through a world-wide distribution channel that includes distributors (VARs), OEM partner relationships, and direct sales to the customer. Their product has both a real-time interface and a batch system interface. TARGIT standard data marts and OLAP facilities allow for drill downs to detailed information, desktop and Web reporting, as well as drill through analysis via SQL functions. TARGIT indicated that the majority of their implementations are done via  resellers.

I asked Ruben and Ulrik about TARGIT as a company and I liked what I heard. Many of their 75 employees and 80+ distributors have been with the company since it was founded, 22 years ago.  Major clients include municipalities. They do most of their sales via distributors such as Fujitsu, and retailers. Their product is very robust, efficiently coded, and geared to the tier-2 and tier-3 companies (from 50 employees to 500, and companies with $500 million in earnings or below).

From a technical perspective, there are several BI business areas for which they provide out-of-the-box analytical solutions that interface to several different enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems: Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV, GP, Oracle, SAP. The business areas covered include supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), finance, sales, and projects.

TARGIT is strong in the area of activity-based costing analytics. From the user interface, TARGIT provides scorecards, bubble charts, dashboards, hierarchical org charts (not the chart itself though) and alerts. If the client wants to, he can build reports using the usual statistical distributions and the associated functions for regression and correlation analysis, calculations of the mean, variance, standard deviation, and other statistical measures.

For more specific information, I refer you to the TARGIT website. I realize that I have provided a lot of accolades for the company and its products and I feel I am justified in tooting their horn, as they completed their demonstration flawlessly.
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