TDWI Vegas: How to Build an Enterprise Data Strategy

It takes a lot of commitment, preparation, and time to fully embrace a successful enterprise data strategy. Managing data within a corporation has reached an all-new level of importance. Data is being collected from extremely diverse sources and fully dissected; as the subject of increasingly complex processes, data quality must be maintained. In addition, data management and manipulation must comply with several types of regulations.

Data is now an extremely significant asset within any organization, and the process of transforming data into valuable information is key to guaranteeing a competitive business advantage. The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) World Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, this month, will be addressing this subject.

Nowadays, many organizations have discovered that just having a good set of business intelligence (BI) applications isn’t enough to ensure that information is being used as a support tool in the company’s decision-making process. The fact that so much data is being collected and used for so many different purposes is bringing a new dimension to the entire data management space—the management of information has never required more quality care than now.

The TDWI conference, being held February 13 to 18 in Vegas, should cover the full spectrum of issues related to establishing a successful data management strategy for your organization. Among the courses being offered, I’m particularly interested in The Art and Practices of Information Management. Also looking useful: Organizing Your Data Management/Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Team and TDWI Master Data Management Fundamentals. Vegas looks like the right spot to gather valuable information and stay informed about new trends and technologies in BI and data warehousing.

Will you be attending the TDWI conference this month? What are you most looking forward to?
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