TEC 2014 ERP for Midsize Manufacturers Buyer's Guide Now Available

Medium-sized manufacturing organizations constitute a unique segment of companies. They occupy a particular niche in the business world—mature and large enough to exploit advanced management concepts and engineering technologies, yet small enough to stay close to customers and flexible enough to rapidly adjust products and business processes to changing environments.
This group of manufacturers is certainly in the sights of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software vendors as their next target market, after global multinational corporations.

However, selecting an ERP is your top concern. With the enormous quantity and variety of marketing materials produced by ERP vendors in order to persuade organizations to make the “right” ERP choice, the end result is that the overall selection process for many manufacturers isn’t clear and often requires systematization and clarification.

It is not simply a question of which two or three ERP systems to put at the top of your short list—the selection process is typically much more complicated. In particular, there are parallel challenges—developing your own ERP paradigm, whether to accept long-term strategies regarding cloud or traditional on-premise roadmaps, as well as many lower-priority issues.

With all of these factors to take into account, ERP selection for medium-sized manufacturing businesses becomes a question of choosing how to evolve your business over the years to come. The ERP decision is imperative for most companies, and TEC’s goal with the launch of its new buyer’s guide is to provide some guidance to manufacturers seeking to implement a new ERP solution or replace or upgrade an existing solution, and to draw a picture of the ERP market as a whole. 

Download the TEC 2014 ERP for Midsize Manufacturers Buyer's Guide now.
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