TEC Certification Complete for Tenrox Project Workforce Management

TEC recently completed certification of Tenrox’s project management software Project Workforce Management. Download the report now for a detailed analysis of the software’s strengths and weaknesses.

While we previously certified the software in the context of project portfolio management software for professional services automation (PPM for PSA), this latest certification allows TEC members to assess its strengths and weaknesses in the context of PPM for internal departments—in other words, software that  allows managers to prioritize projects, allocate resources where needed, and gain financial insight into their portfolio of investments.

Tenrox is focused on building a simple yet powerful project management solution for companies of all sizes. Headquartered in Pasadena, California (US), with offices in Montreal and Toronto (Canada) and London (UK), the company has been on the market for 17 years and built a strong customer base, with a high degree of customer retention for about 14 years running. Its more than 800 clients include IBM, Pfizer, Caterpillar, US Army, and Estée Lauder.

Tenrox’s Project Workforce Management software is Web-based and available in both on-premise and cloud deployment models, depending on client preferences. The product is designed and purchasable in a modular fashion, while the cloud version is delivered in a pay-as-you-go fashion.

Since Tenrox targets businesses of all sizes for its product, the vendor offers three different levels of implementation involvement: the Tenrox Express package, Quick Start, and Enterprise (for small businesses with up to 30 users, mid-range customers with 50 to 500 users, and large organizations respectively).

As for the software’s functional capabilities, there are few things that set this product apart of the average PPM solution:
•    The system embeds compliance with many types of legislation and various professional and industrial standards in many countries.

•    An embedded graphical workflow engine eases such business process tasks as triggering project management processes, and configuring work policies, fields, forms, and notifications. It also provides views for managing and ranking projects based on various attributes, KPIs, or user-defined fields, with no requirement for software development skills on the part of the users.

•    Since the software is Web-based, it can be easily accessed by the appropriate users from anywhere in the World. Tenrox has developed applications specifically for BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android mobile devices, which are also essential for global projects that involve many people needing to obtain data and control project tasks at any time.

•    The vendor has specifically focused on ease of integration with other corporate applications. According to Tenrox, there are built-in integration tools to facilitate this task. Due to the company’s focus on functionality that is directly related to project management, and the fact that the company’s clients operate in more than 50 countries, the decision was made to provide strong third-party software integration capabilities instead of solving the tough task of developing extensive and all-encompassing accounting or HR functions that need to accommodate very different requirements depending on geographical area. As a result, the solution provides integration with many ERP systems (SAP, Oracle), payroll applications (ADP, Ceridian, Paychex), CRM (Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce.com), accounting (SAP Business One, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics), document management (Microsoft Office SharePoint), and other project management software (Microsoft Project).

•    The software is strong in project resource planning and scheduling functionality, especially in resource allocation, multiple user management, e-mail notifications, contacts management and users’ preferences management. The vendor considers this set of features to be another competitive advantage.

Overall, Tenrox Project Workforce Management is a solid and competitive PPM solution that is capable of facilitating various project management-related issues facing real-world organizations.

Download the TEC Certification report: PPM for Internal departments
Download the TEC Certification report: PPM for Professional Services Automation

* TEC Certification is designed to help TEC members evaluate enterprise software solutions in order to make more informed buying decisions. For a product to be certified, the vendor must complete a detailed request for information (RFI) and deliver a formal product demonstration to confirm to our analysts the product's support for a specific set of real-world business processes.
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