TEC Certification-Ensuring that End Users and Vendors Speak the Same Language

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In perusing Technology Evaluation Centers’ (TEC’s) Vendor Showcase, you’ve likely noticed the TEC logo next to certain software solutions. For those of you new to our Web site, you may not be aware that this represents vendors that have successfully completed the TEC Certification Program. 

For a solution be to TEC Certified, our research analysts work in conjunction with the vendor to review and verify the vendor’s product feature and functionality claims. The process begins with the vendor completing a request-for-information (RFI) worksheet detailing how its solution supports a wide variety of industry-standard software features. Through a product briefing and live demonstration sessions with the vendor, our analysts get an in-depth look at the key features they have identified in a demonstration “script.”

Once these features have been verified by our analysts (and any discrepancies addressed), the vendor’s showcase listing is labeled with the “Certified TEC Product” logo—a recognized indicator of the additional scrutiny the solution has undergone by a trusted, impartial third party. At the end of the certification process, our analysts write a report providing potential software buyers with an overview of the product, including product highlights and analysis, competitive analysis, and in-depth analyst commentary. This report complements the other unique tools TEC offers end users who rely on us to inform their decisions when evaluating enterprise software.

Every year, TEC helps thousands of organizations choose the right enterprise software through our online Evaluation Centers and software selection engagements. Our goal is to help bridge the gap between the vendor and end-user communities. Through certification, we verify that the vendor’s software does what the vendor says it does, thus providing end users evaluating enterprise solutions with reassurance on the functionality of a product that may be a good fit for their business.

Certified TEC ProductBecoming TEC Certified
Vendors that would like more information and/or are interested in participating in TEC’s Certification Program should contact our Software Industry Programs team.
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