TEC Certified AuraPortal Enriches TEC’s Business Process Management Knowledge Base

TEC is pleased to announce that AuraPortal’s business process management (BPM) solution has recently been certified and joins the ranks of TEC certified BPM systems.You can see TEC's complete profile for AuraPortal here.

To obtain TEC certification, AuraPortal completed TEC’s detailed research questionnaire and went through a formal comprehensive product demonstration with TEC analysts.

This demo provided TEC with a first-hand look at the outstanding features of AuraPortal’s application, and at how AuraPortal works to help organizations design, deploy, operate, and monitor their process management projects. It also provided insight into how AuraPortal supports more than one hundred features and functionality sets that TEC was particularly interested in taking a closer look at.

You'll be able to download the full certification report on the TEC Web site soon (including strengths, weaknesses, and benchmarking analysis for each module), as well as valuable information on AuraPortal’s functionality, including:

  • process collaboration,

  • form management,

  • workflow portal,

  • monitoring and management, and

  • process analytics.


AuraPortal’s BPMS screencap (Courtesy of AuraPortal)

AuraPortal’s architecture enables business users to rapidly start developing and interacting with the application, while the system administration is flexible and enables power users to easily configure and perform maintenance tasks.

AuraPortal’s architecture is SOA-compliant and provides compatibility with single-sign-on features as well as compatibility with major Web browsers and a client interface for those who require it. It has multilingual capabilities and extensive capabilities for integrating with third party systems via Web services.

From the certification demo session, AuraPortal’s extensive set of modeling features were evident, as well as smooth task transitioning and a high level of ease-of-use. AuraPortal distinguishes itself from its competitors through its comprehensive process modeling tool, its capability to easily adapt and configure all elements of the application, its user-friendly workflow modeler, and its capabilities for process monitoring and management, as well as a set of process templates to make process developing easier. A powerful set of tools for managing (creating, editing, and monitoring) workflows gives AuraPortal powerful capabilities for managing everything from simple to complex process management projects (see figure below).


AuraPortal BPMS Workflow capabilities

With customers in many different industries and covering a variety of lines of business, AuraPortal has increased horizontal features and capabilities such as case management and stronger document management features while at the same time providing specific functionality for finance, insurance, and manufacturing.

More on the product background, highlights, features and functions, and competitive strengths and weaknesses as measured against the average solution in the business process management solution software space will be available in the AuraPortal TEC Certification Report, coming to the TEC Web site soon.

Stay tuned for the  report, and if you have a particular question, please leave me a comment below. In the meantime, you can interactively review AuraPortal BPMS via TEC Advisor.
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