TEC Industry Watch: Enterprise Software News for the Week of April 23rd, 2012

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The SuperYacht Group selects NetSuite
Industry tags: services industry
"The holding that includes magazine and Web site publishing, event hosting, marketing consultancy, and creative services has consolidated and centralized all its activities on cloud-based NetSuite ERP. The company has replaced its point solutions—solutions that had obviously become too tiny for them. The group has reported increased productivity, compared to operations under old systems, and quicker business processes."—Aleksey Osintsev, TEC Analyst

Accuristix selects NCR and RedPrairie solutions
Industry tags: 3PL
"The NCR label solution is very well suited to high-volume parcel shipping, and RedPrairie logistics solutions have more than proven themselves for 3PL operations. Accuristix has made a smart move by integrating the technology of these two vendors."—Philippe Reney, TEC SCM Analyst

Salvation Army selects SumTotal Cloud for payroll, benefits, and HR management
Industry tags: cross-industry
“Canadian non-profit organization The Salvation Army has chosen SumTotal to help improve efficiency and reliability in its payroll, benefits, and HR management processes. Once focused on the learning management market, SumTotal proves its capabilities move beyond learning, with an overall HR solution.”—Sherry Fox, TEC HCM Analyst


Kronos acquires SMART
Industry tags: workforce management (WFM), health care
"SMART is a leading provider of WFM solutions based in the UK. The company’s Spanish affiliate, SMART Human Logistics, was also included in the transaction. This acquisition, Kronos' 64th to date, supports Kronos' aggressive international growth strategy and will help it strengthen its presence in the EMEA region, specifically by giving it a physical presence in Spain (a country with potential for growth for WFM solutions) and an instant leadership position in the UK health care market (thanks to SMART’s domain expertise and established base of NHS customers). SMART products will continue to be developed, sold and supported out of the UK and Spain. SMART’s existing customers may choose to stay on their existing SMART platform or migrate to the latest WFM solutions by Kronos."—P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

Toshiba TEC acquires IBM POS
Industry tags: Retail, POS hardware
"Somewhat resembling IBM’s sale of PC hardware business to Lenovo a while back, it appears that IBM is exiting the commoditized retail POS hardware and software business to focus on its more lucrative "Smarter Commerce" initiative that helps retailers automate and infuse intelligence into their procurement, marketing, sales, and customer service functions."—P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

Press release

IBM acquires Vivisimo
Industry tags: BI/Business Analytics
"IBM is announcing a definitive agreement to acquire Vivisimo, a provider of federated discovery and navigation software. IBM will enlarge its data analytics portfolio by providing stronger enterprise search capabilities and access to structured and non-structured data. As we’ve seen in the past with Oracle and Endeca, data discovery and enterprise search capabilities are becoming core to analytics applications offerings."—Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

Press release
PTC integrates with Integrity, extends Windchill Capabilities
Industry tags: PLM, discrete manufacturing
"Less than a year after PTC acquired MKS Inc., the Integrity technology is making an impact on Windchill PLM capabilities. PTC has integrated Integrity with Windchill and is leveraging Integrity for comprehensive requirements management. Integrity is now the tool its customers will use to capture and, ultimately, trace customer requirements across the product development lifecycle to ensure that the product delivered most perfectly matches the product desired. PTC also had a product called RequirementsLink prior to the acquisition of MKS, and that product will likely be replaced by Integrity over time.

PTC also enhanced Windchill in several key areas, such as how the product enables manufacturers to ensure compliance with government relations and with industry quality standards. Specifically, companies can now monitor for the use of "conflict minerals" in a given product, and PTC has improved how reliability analysis is communicated to ensure faster resolution of issues stemming from customer complaints. Lastly, PTC can now be found on iTunes: with the introduction of Windchill Mobile, PTC has introduced Windchill for the iPad and iPhone. This includes the cool "shake and break" feature demonstrated at PlanetPTC Live 2011, in which users can "explode" the diagram of a product assembly by simply shaking their mobile device to see the internal parts in greater detail. Look for my impressions from the upcoming PlanetPTC Live 2012 conference in early June."—P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

Exact Americas partners with 1EDISource
Industry tags: discrete manufacturing and distribution
"This move is to fill the EDI need for users of the Exact JobBOSS ERP product. These small job shops have recently seen the need for EDI, after having long been satisfied with fax and phone-based communication with their partners. Otherwise, SPS Commerce offers on-demand EDI for all Exact Americas ERP products. As for on-premise EDI for other Exact Americas ERP products, the vendor offers Exact EDI, which embeds the Data Masons Software product."—P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

Dassault Systèmes launches release 16 of its version 5 PLM platform
Industry tags: PLM
"Dassault's PLM platform has gone to version 6, but they launched release 16 of their version 5. One of the main reasons for the upgrade is that many customers are still using version 5, and some of them are using both versions. Dassault is offering the option for their customers to use CAD drawings created in CATIA v6 in version 5. The new release provides enhancements for all components: CATIA, DELMIA, ENOVIA, and SIMULIA."—Gabriel Gheorghiu, TEC ERP Analyst

Infor launches new BI offerings
Industry tags: BI/business Analytics
"Infor is launching its new set of BI offerings with Infor 10 BI, Infor 10 ION Intelligence, and (as part of the latter) Advanced Reporting and Analytics. With these releases, Infor aims to provide BI and analytics solutions for a wide range of users, from those requiring complete BI solutions to users with specific needs for analytic solutions."—Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

IBM launches PowerLinux solutions
Industry tags: Linux
"IBM is introducing PowerLinux Systems, a new set of POWER7 processor-based hardware systems for Linux business-critical workloads. PowerLinux Systems complies with the necessary Red Hat and SUSE standards for analyzing big data and for industry-specific applications." —Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

Teradata releases new appliance for SAS High Performance Analytics
Industry tags: BI/data warehouse/business analytics
"Taradata 700 appliance for SAS High Performance Analytics is Teradata’s integrated offering; this new appliance delivers in-memory capabilities for performing complex and parallel analytics, providing customers with high-speed tools for this purpose via SAS. A single system for performing SAS wide range of analytics capabilities."—Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

Oracle releases new version of Oracle JD Edwards World
Industry tags: ERP
"Although the IBM i series platform is less and less popular in the ERP world, many companies are still using it, so it’s not surprising to see that Oracle still enhances its JDE solution for this type of platform. Some important enhancements are provided for accounting as well as for security and governance. Also, the new version is now localized for 18 countries."—Gabriel Gheorghiu, TEC ERP Analyst

Oracle releases new version of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP software
Industry tags: ERP
"In its new 9.1 release, Oracle has provided upgrades in the following major areas: more intuitive user interface with personalization capabilities, mobile smartphone applications, a new quick reporting tool (One View Reporting) with 178 predefined reports, renewed voucher matching and requisition self-service functionality, and others. The vendor also offers new functions to meet vertical industries and global requirements, such as enhancements in project-based manufacturing, and improvements in FDA-regulated manufacturing processes in audit trails and incident capturing, as well as a few focused improvements in solutions for food and beverage processing, agricultural and real estate businesses, and professional services automation"—Aleksey Osintsev, TEC Research Analyst

Oracle launches User Productivity Kit for Oracle Primavera P6
Industry tags: Project Portfolio Management
"The Oracle User Productivity Kit is a development platform that includes a few hundred pre-built content topics modeling specific business processes. All this allows Primavera P6 customers to save time and significantly reduce software implementation efforts. In addition, it includes a comprehensive baseline reference system."— Aleksey Osintsev, TEC Analyst

Oracle, Infosys launch new product: Oracle Project Driven Supply Chain for High Technology Companies
Industry tags: high tech
"While it is always possible to apply project-based supply chain management principles to more generic SCM solutions, businesses need to be far more hands-on to achieve their objectives in inventory control and in managing the back office. This is a great initiative on the part of Oracle and Infosys, but I certainly hope they look at expanding this offering to a broader base of verticals such as construction, shipbuilding, etc."—Philippe Reney, TEC SCM Analyst

PTC releases Creo 2.0
Industry tags: CAD, Discrete Manufacturing
"Less than a year after introducing the first round of the Creo 'apps' family, PTC is delivering fresh versions of all 9 existing Creo apps, and adding a 10th new app called Options Modeler. The new app—which is generally available as an extension of Creo Parametric and will be available as a standalone app in June 2012—delivers a dedicated, easy-to-use set of capabilities to build accurate, up-to-date, precise 3D-based product assemblies, irrespective of size or complexity. The product contributes to PTC's "AnyBOM Assembly" technology vision, combining PLM and CAD capabilities for configuration and variant management.

With the new release, PTC has expanded its support for the "concept design" phase of product development. The free Creo Sketch app is now available on Apple devices, and Creo Layout is designed to specifically help companies transition product concepts from 2D to 3D. Finally, the quality, performance, and usability of version 2.0 of the entire Creo family is quite improved from version 1.0—including a simplified installation process, which reportedly will be simplified even further over the summer."—P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

Infor partners with Oak Barrel Software
Industry tags: Process Manufacturing, PLM
"The young startup Oak Barrel Software (which nevertheless has a number of seasoned PLM practitioners and developers) gives Infor Optiva PLM customers the ability to more effectively collaborate across the supply chain.

Some explanations for the modules that were announced:

  • Material SpecSafe: Oak Barrel provides solutions in the Supplier Sourcing area for better collaboration with vendors/suppliers for ingredients and specifications. So if you want to collaborate with vendors for specifications, Oak Barel has templates that will make it easy for suppliers to provide specifications and certifications for, say, Kosher, Organic, Halal, etc. And because of the integration to Optiva PLM, the formulator receives the vendor specification in Optiva and formulates against it. It allows for easier and better collaboration with vendors that is workflow governed that is simple for specification collaboration with vendors/suppliers.

  • Product SpecSafe: This module makes it easy for sales people in make-to-order formulation businesses (think of the Ingredients industry) to create new Optiva Projects through an easy and familiar UI. In fact, this product can actually run within salesforce.com or in its own UI and can initiate the creation of a new formulation project in Optiva where the Optiva project management functionality takes over.

  • Recipe Builder: It basically takes a Lab Recipe developed by R&D in Optiva and adds all of the process steps for bulk batch manufacturing on the plant floor and integrate with an MES or SCADA system, etc. It can also provide some Process Step Visualization so you can see each step of the recipe building process as a process flow diagram. If you were to take the Discrete Manufacturing analogy, it’s kind of like the content publishing system that adds the routings and process steps at the plant floor."

Ultimately, Oak Barrel adds on top of Optiva to enable more effective collaboration with vendors, sales/marketing, and manufacturing, and brings them into the product development fold. One would not use Oak Barrel solutions for Formulation, Ingredient Management, Nutritional Facts Panels, Label Development, Testing, Statistical Analysis, or Project Management. Those are all core components of the PLM application for the R&D department, where Optiva excels. Oak Barrel adds very nicely on top of these core PLM capabilities for the constituencies outside the R&D department. These users don’t want to be restricted, and need additional information that is not required by PLM systems."—P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

Amazon DynamoDB now available in three new regions
Industry tags: Cloud/SaaS/Cross-industry
Amazon’s DynamoDB is now available within the US West (Oregon), North Carolina, and Asia Pacific (Singapore) regions. Amazon is expanding DynamoDB’s reach rapidly to meet customer needs for the cloud database offering. " —Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

Jaspersoft now available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace
Tags: BI/analytics
"Open source BI solution provider Jaspersoft has made JasperReports Server Community Edition available on the new Amazon Web Services Marketplace. Amazon customers will be able to deploy JasperReports in the Amazon Compute Cloud (EC2) so both companies will be able to provide BI workers with reporting capabilities."—Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst
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