TEC Industry Watch: Enterprise Software News for the Week of April 30th, 2012

  • Written By: TEC Staff
  • Published: May 3 2012


European manufacturer of construction chemicals selects IFS Applications
Industry tags: Process manufacturing, mining
"Polish corporation Atlas Group, which operates 18 business entities and 5 mines in Poland and internationally, has selected IFS Applications as its corporate-level ERP system. The first areas slated for implementation will be financials, distribution, manufacturing, maintenance, controlling elements, consolidation, trade management-commerce portals, WMS, and document and quality management. Atlas Group is a typical "sweet spot" IFS client, as the product provides good functional support, particularly in process manufacturing and mining."—Aleksey Osintsev, TEC Research Analyst

Cabela's Inc. selects SAP point-of-sale application
Industry tags: Retail
"Cabela's, a US-based hunting, fishing, and outdoor gear retail chain, has selected SAP's point-of-sale solution, which is a component of SAP's retail solution portfolio. According to the client, the major drivers for selecting a new POS system included support for expansion planning and improvement of customer service. The company is planning to use available out-of-the box functionality and stay away from modifications, given the wide range of functionality within the standard system. Future cross-channel integration will be also essential, as Cabela's operates a strong retail Web site."—Aleksey Osintsev, TEC Research Analyst

German office furniture manufacturer/distributor deploys abas ERP
Industry tags: Engineering-to-order manufacturing, distribution
"Hammerbacher GmbH has implemented abas ERP software simultaneously at its two facilities in Germany and Slovakia. The distribution center in Germany is focused on sales and delivery, and has very high standards for delivery time and customer satisfaction, while the Slovakian factory produces all orders and prioritizes quick delivery times as well. The company went through a very extensive software selection process that focused on the ability to deliver products quickly; business transparency via a user-friendly interface and fast and easy data query processing; unified accounting for the two countries; and multilanguage support."— Aleksey Osintsev, TEC analyst

New York-based specialty manufacturer and wholesaler Always Bagels selects Solarsoft Tropos
Industry tags: Process manufacturing, food processing
"Always Bagels operates modern bakery facilities in two US states, and is planning to replace its spreadsheet-based systems with its new integrated ERP package. With its ability to meet stringent requirements for traceability, inventory accuracy, and precise product cost tracking, Solarsoft's software Tropos was the winner of this competition. The software selection process also focused on a requirement for users to be able to work in Spanish."—Aleksey Osintsev, TEC Research Analyst

The State University of New York selects IBM Analytics to improve patient care
Industry tags: BI, business analytics, health care
"Using IBM Analytics to analyze more than 2,000 genetic and environmental factors that contribute to multiple sclerosis progression, The State University of New York at Buffalo expect to speed the research process by analyzing large amounts of data sets to gain insights to be shared and improve patient treatment. It is always good to know about the use of BI for such noble causes."—Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

US Marine Corps Exchange selects SAS retail analytics
Industry tags: BI, business analytics
"Marine Corps Exchanges (MCX) will use SAS Demand Forecasting for Retail, SAS BI, and SAS Merchandise Financial Planning to perform merchandise planning analysis. SAS continues to be a strong provider of BI solutions and vertical business analytics applications, an important trend in the new BI era."—Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

UK's Bristol University selects Lumesse TalentLink 12
Industry tags: talent management, higher education, cross-industry
"UK-based Lumesse's global strength in the field of higher education makes it the perfect solution for University of Bristol. Lumesse (formerly StepStone Solutions) hasn't slowed down its efforts to become the leader in talent management in the education sector and across industries."—Sherry Fox, TEC HCM Analyst


IBM to acquire Tealeaf Technology
Industry tags: BI, business analytics
"Continuing its acquisition spree in the analytics arena, IBM announced a definitive agreement to acquire Tealeaf Technology, Inc., a provider of customer experience analytics software, to enlarge its already deep analytics portfolio. It seems the industry verticalization of analytics applications continues apace."—Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

Dassault Systèmes to acquire Gemcom Software International
Industry tags: Mining, 3D, CAD
"This acquisition for geomodeling for the mining industry is relatively large compared to other recent acquisitions by Dassault. The vendor will create a new brand, GEOVIA, and a new industry for it.

My best guess is that the company is trying to find new revenues outside of the perhaps commoditized CAD and PLM space (where missing one major deal can cause a poor quarterly report and investor shudders). Still, by going to mining or retail stores, you avoid PTC and Siemens, but face off with Mincom (ABB) and JDA Software respectively. No question that diversity is a solid business strategy, but there's also something to be said for staying close to your core competencies."—P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

KANA acquires cloud customer service company Trinicom
Industry tags: CRM, multi-channel customer service, public and commercial sectors
"The basic motivation for KANA here is to address the SMB market with a full-fledged cloud-based customer service product, as well as to expand in Europe. Regarding social capabilities, Trinicom has a social offering, while KANA also has social listening and analytics capability (via the Overtone acquisition). Look for more acquisition by the bullish vendor, perhaps along the lines of big data analytics and social community capabilities."—P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

ClickSoftware partners with Infor
Industry tags: EAM, field service management (FSM), asset-intensive industries
"This is a mutually beneficial alliance. Infor10 EAM Enterprise has basic service workforce scheduling capabilities, but this deal is aimed at much larger field service workforces, where Click Schedule excels. Look for possible deals with Infor10 ERP products. ClickSoftware has long had a similar endorsement by SAP, where some ClickSoftware products have been on SAP's price list. The vendor also has a deep relationship with IBM Maximo.

While Infor and ClickSoftware will partner for workforce scheduling, they might compete in the mobility apps, in light of the Infor10 Motion platform and apps. This resembles the situation with SAP recently acquiring Syclo and IBM announcing its own mobility platform. ClickSoftware touts its HTML5-based platform agnosticism, whether it is Windows Mobile, Apple iOS, Google Android, etc."—P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

Quiterian partners with Advanced Analytix to distribute Quiterian Analytics in Russia
Industry tags: BI, business analytics
"The Spanish predictive analytics provider Quiterian has just partnered with Russian consulting firm Advanced Analytix to expand Quiterian's presence in Russia. Quiterian continues to expand its international presence within the predictive analytics space."—Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

Jaspersoft partners with VMWare to offer BI within cloud platforms
Industry tags: BI, business analytics, cloud computing
"Jaspersoft has signed a partnership with VMWare to integrate Jaspersoft's BI functionality with VMWare's Cloud Foundry project. This agreement will enable Jaspersoft to offer BI in a "platform as a service" (PaaS) manner within the Cloud Foundry PaaS solution."—Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

Siemens PLM launches Teamcenter 9
Industry tags: PLM
"This new release is part of the Siemens initiative to create a High Definition PLM offering that's supported by all Siemens PLM applications. Some highlights of the new release are related to systems engineering, content management for technical documentation, extended service lifecycle management, and a new approach to the user experience based on business processes."—Gabriel Gheorghiu, TEC Research Analyst

IBM launches software/service portfolio for mobile computing
Industry tags: Cross-industry
"This IBM initiative, dubbed "Mobile Foundation," is based on its recent acquisition of Worklight, along with IBM's past investments in mobile. According to IBM studies, the mobile market is expected to grow to $36B in 2015. The IBM Foundation aims to offer companies the technology to build and manage apps, and create connections between cloud and mobile environments, as well as addressing the "bring your own device" (BYOD) challenge that more and more companies are facing."—Gabriel Gheorghiu, TEC Research Analyst

Infor Integrates PLM and Lawson M3 ERP Enterprise
Industry tags: ERP, PLM
"The current market offering of tightly integrated PLM-ERP solutions for process manufacturers is quite limited, and it makes sense for Infor to benefit from the acquisition of Lawson to create a new solution in this space. Infor is now competing against Oracle Agile for Process and Siemens SIMATIC IT, which both offer very good integration with ERP solutions for process manufacturing. It will be interesting to see if Infor will do the same with Lawson's PLM product for fashion."—Gabriel Gheorghiu, TEC Research Analyst

SAP launches new Analytic capabilities within SAP StreamWork
Industry tags: BI, business analytics
"SAP StreamWork, the collaboration and decision-making application from SAP, now has new analytic functionalities. According to SAP, StreamWork users will now be able to explore, analyze, and visualize data within StreamWork and also connect to data sets stored in SAP HANA to take advantage of the latter's in-memory capabilities. Collaboration meets analytics within SAP StreamWork to make the best use of both within a single product."—Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

Cezanne Software releases new version of Cezanne OnDemand online HR software
Industry tags: HR, cross-industry
"Cezanne rolled out its new release on April 28, and is including more functionality for both absence tracking and performance management. Cezanne OnDemand is a true multi-tenant SaaS solution that allows customers to share the same version of the software, while Cezanne developers can respond to customer needs without any disruptive downtime."—Sherry Fox, TEC HCM Analyst

Meridian launches mobile learning program
Industry tags: learning management, cross-industry
"The addition of learning content management technology and mobile consulting services is a big plus for Meridian's clients. With the increase in mobile device usage, one aim of Meridian's "Learner on the Move" program is to deliver courses specifically optimized for mobile browsers, which will allow users to download courses on the fly."—Sherry Fox, TEC HCM Analyst

SkillSoft launches SkillPort 8(R)
Industry tags: LMS/LCMS, cross-industry
"SkillPort 8(R) provides a more visual approach to learning—something traditional presentation of learning content has failed to do over the years. This innovative method of content presentation will likely provide greater incentive to users, while yielding improvements in workforce productivity."—Sherry Fox, TEC HCM Analyst

ProfitKey International launches service management solution and HRMS solution
Industry tags: ERP, HR, Field service, Discrete "to-order" manufacturing, job shops
"In this year of re-affirmation, ProfitKey International (PKI) is also working on expanding its ecosystem and partner-based functional footprint.

Hence, PKI's partnership with ConEst Software Systems to provide a service management solution, and with PowwowHR to provide an HRMS.

ConEst Software Systems' ServiceWorks is Microsoft .NET-based technology, in a cloud model. Integration will be to ProfitKey's billing and inventory management modules. For its part, PowwowHR is also on .NET and is a cloud deployment. Integration is still in the traditional way, client-server based, but PKI's new apps that the vendor is writing for hand-held devices will be using web services to communicate to ProfitKey's data.

ProfitKey is finalizing plans, over the next several weeks, to formally begin development on its new product release, which will fully be in .NET. This will also allow the vendor to produce a cloud ERP option. In the meantime, it has streamlined navigation throughout the system (new menu structure and Gupta user interface), which will be completed this summer."—P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

Kronos launches labor analytics solution
Industry tags: BI, WFM, HR, cross-industry
"The BI technology in Kronos' analytics product was reportedly homegrown in previous product versions. It was compatible with SAP Business Objects and IBM Cognos and provided vertical industry and role-based dashboards, but for the power user it still involved a lot of configuration and customization.

In this new version of the analytics product, Kronos has embedded MicroStrategy, which delivers a host of new functionality for its customers. Users will have instant access into labor trending and will receive alerts against benchmarks as exceptions occur so they can be addressed before they become problematic trends. The product offers a graphical management dashboard that enables users to see all relevant information in a consolidated view and provides the ability to create and edit ad hoc reports on their own. It also sets the stage as a strong layer and good foundation to anything Kronos might do here with its mobile apps."—P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

Progress Software announces strategic plan to increase growth
Industry tags: Platform and infrastructure, cross-industry
"The PR title might be deceiving, given that Progress plans to get to growth by shrinking significantly first (about 15% of staff layoffs expected). While I might have expected a new charter by the new CEO (who did not come from within the ranks, and has an unencumbered "outsider" view), frankly, I did not see this coming to such a drastic degree. I knew that some Progress' products were dangles to the core business and becoming highly commoditized (by open source and virtualization tools), but not really Sonic, Savvion, and Actional…? Does this mean the end of Progress RPM, if you no longer have the BPM, ESB, and SOA governance parts?

The RPM offering is apparently still there, but in a different form. The solutions that remain—Control Tower, Apama CEP, DataDirect integration, and Corticon business rules—are all that Progress leans on for its recent supply chain forays. But nobody can be sure about what the medium term holds for the company, its partners, and customers. Ironically, at the time of the announcement, the vendor's corporate Web page still featured video and case studies of the aforementioned divested products.

For partner vendors like, say, QAD, who have bought into the OpenEdge-Savvion (and perhaps even Sonic) integration, this means that they will have to deal with new owners for Savvion and Sonic. Now, apparently, Progress wants to be an alternative to salesforce.com's Force.com, SAP (HANA), Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, etc. I guess, with the expected new cash inflow from selloffs, Progress will have to buy some in-memory and big data analytic technology, some good enterprise search, and who knows what other technology to keep abreast of the aforementioned competitors."—P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst
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