TEC Industry Watch: Enterprise Software News for the Week of August 20, 2012

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Agricultural equipment manufacturer selects Abas ERP
Industry tags: manufacturing
“Canadian company Cadman Power Equipment Ltd., a manufacturer of special agricultural machinery and irrigation equipment has conducted an ERP selection project, and ERP from abas Business Software emerges the winner of this competition. The company was looking for a system as a single ERP package, without having to turn modules on or off, that would cover all the necessary operations. User interface had to be easy to navigate and quick to learn. Finally, the company wanted to purchase directly from the ERP developer,side-stepping integrators and VARs. Abas ERP was the best fit for these and other criteria.” — Aleksey Osintsev, TEC Research Analyst
Overview: abas Business Software
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Industrial electronics assemblies manufacturer chooses Epicor ERP to support its operations
Industry tags: manufacturing, electronics, high-tech
“IO Electronics, a UK-based assembler of comprehensive electronic components for various industries, such as defense and aerospace, petrochemical, automotive, and a few others, has an ambitious business growth plan that would require an adequate ERP-class software. The company selected the Epicor ERP system, with a long-term perspective. Unlike the existing inflexible system that has been in place for 10 years and which is limiting the company’s operations in many aspects, Epicor ERP will provide all required functionality and, as important, the flexibility and technical capability to grow along with its rapidly expanding business. Another notable consideration in selecting Epicor over five other ERP software vendors was the multiple additional features it offers within a standard package.” — Aleksey Osintsev, TEC Research Analyst
Overview: Epicor ERP
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Nebraska Furniture Mart selects Logility Voyager Solutions
Industry tags: retail
Nebraska Furniture Mart selected Logility Voyager Solutions to help the company plan for and manage its growth into new markets. The retailer of home furnishings, electronics, flooring, and appliances has set a goal of 75 percent growth by 2015. The company quickly realized its systems and processes would not allow the company to move forward and has turned to Logility to enable its supply chain transformation project. As for why Nebraska Furniture Mart selected Logility, there are several reasons:

  • Superior planning engine to better optimize Nebraska Furniture Mart’s procurement operations

  • Only solution Nebraska Furniture Mart evaluated that could support the company’s 75 percent growth target by 2015 and support the company’s continued growth and success beyond; Logility was seen as a lower risk and quicker implementation to support aggressive business growth

  • More intuitive user interface (UI) and common look-and-feel across the solution suite

  • Straight-forward, rapid implementation process across the organization

  • A recognized leader in the furniture industry”

— P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst
Profile: Logility
TEC article (April 2012): Logility: Supply Chain Innovator and Workhorse

eBags.com selects Revionics Price Optimization Solution for its e-commerce business
Industry tags: online retail
“Competition is spirited these days—retailers typically evaluate two or three optimization products before making a selection because it’s a transformational technology. In this case, Revionics reportedly competed against two large vendors with broad retail SCM portfolios but neither best-of-breed pricing nor assortment optimization products.” — P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst
TEC blog post (January 2010): The Art, Science & Software Behind (Optimal) Retail Pricing

Oracle accelerates data retrieval and analysis process for Nigerian company Etisalat
Industry tags: analytics/data warehousing, telecommunications
“The Nigerian telecommunications provider has accelerated its data retrieval and analysis process by 99 percent using Oracle Communications Data Model running on Oracle Exadata Database Machine. The solution has enabled Etisalat to analyze data across multiple business areas and make decisions based on analysis of data in near real-time. With pre-built dashboards and other components Etisalat was able to reduce deployment time and costs by using a vertical pre-built technology, such as the case of Oracle Communications Data Model, specifically created for these types of organizations. Oracle is putting strong efforts to provide applications and platforms with pre-customized functionality to accelerate deployment and accelerate productivity of enterprise software. ” — Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

European telecom GO modernizes systems with ActiveVOS BPMS
Industry tags: telecommunications

GO selected Active Endpoints’ ActiveVOS business process management system (BPMS) because it fit well within its long-term IT strategy and roadmap, which is essentially a service-oriented architecture (SOA). The utility provider needed a process automation platform that was standards-based, with strong support for business process execution language (BPEL) and business process modeling notation (BPMN), which are the cornerstones of ActiveVOS. Taking a long-term approach, GO does not want to be locked into a single vendor (standards-based ActiveVOS makes it easy to avoid lock-in). The company wants to develop and automate processes quickly (ActiveVOS does not include the IT “baggage” of some of the weightier BPM options available), with easy maintenance (ActiveVOS performs superbly in terms of maintenance and ease of reporting), and affordably (ActiveVOS stacks up very well against the stack vendors in terms of pricing, and even open source when you consider professional services fees).” — P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst


SAP unveils SAP Netweaver Decision Service Manager
Industry tags: analytics/data warehousing, cross-industry
A new offering from SAP for its Netweaver platform will enable organizations to manage its decision logic to define process behavior within their enterprise applications. SAP Netweaver Decision Service Manager aims to enable business owners and IT experts to quickly set up and change their decision logic according to changing business conditions, to provide a cost-effective and simplified alternative to extensive application planning, development, and deployment.” — Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

IBM and Singapore Economic Development Board collaborate to launch analytics-based supply chain center
Industry tags: analytics/business intelligence, cross-industry
“The new IBM Supply Chain Analytics Center of Competency in Singapore aims to enhance local expertise and encourage the development of new analytics solutions for supply chain. The Center will work closely with IBM architects and other centers in India and the US. This is an interesting step from IBM in a growing region: with the importance of analytics increasing, customers value not just the obvious advantages of the applications but also the expertise and required education to analyze data for improved business performance and decision making.” — Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

BIZSlate launches BizSlate ERP, SaaS for SMBs
Industry tags:  retail, fashion, SMB
BizSlate, a provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) ERP systems for small and medium size businesses (SMBs), announced the beta launch of BizSlate ERP.  BizSlate ERP is initially targeted at SMBs with up to $200M in revenue and 100 employees or less. Founder and CEO Marc Kalman states ‘a one-person company can solve their distribution and operational issues for as little as a few thousand dollars a year.’” — Ted Rohm, TEC Research Analyst

Acumatica adds infrastructure as a service (IaaS) deployment options
Industry tags:  distribution, non-profit, services, manufacturing
Acumatica, provider of cloud enterprise resource planning and financial software, announced that customers can now deploy their solutions via infrastructure as a service (IaaS).  The Acumatica software can be deployed on Azure Virtual Machines, Amazon Web Services, and other cloud providers who use the Application Packaging Standard.  The deployment option is in addition to Acumatica’s existing software as a service (SaaS) and on-premise deployment options. The packaging of products for IaaS is fast gaining tremendous momentum as more companies are leveraging these additional deployment options.  The Acumatica offering is in front of the curve by offering their solutions in this environment.” — Ted Rohm, TEC Research Analyst

FinancialForce.com adds AccountAbility and Jobscience to expanding partner ecosystem
Industry tags: staffing and professional services, media and advertising agencies, realtors

“This time FinancialForce.com announced alliances with Jobscience, a native Force.com social relationship management solution for hiring, and AccountAbility Solutions, Inc, a native Force.com fixed asset and remote asset tracking application provider. Both firms offer FinancialForce.com-ready solutions that take advantage of the power and accessibility of the cloud to offer industry-specific and specialized business applications. This is the first time that FinancialForce has teamed with a company in the human resources/talent management space. Staffing and professional services firms can now use the combination of FinancialForce.com and Jobscience to find the best people to staff projects, capture time entered, and invoice customers for services delivered. By integrating with FinancialForce Accounting, AccountAbility’s growing customer base has an easy, cloud-based way to manage and record the appropriate depreciation journal entries for assets.” — P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst
TEC article (May 2012): Assessing FinancialForce.com’s Early Years

Soffront Software announces vertical CRM for cleaning industry
Industry tags:  cleaning, maintenance, and janitorial services
Soffront Software Inc. announces a customer relationship management (CRM) solution for cleaning, maintenance, and janitorial companies, enabling a company to better manage leads, opportunities, and customers while navigating the industry’s complex operational challenges. Soffront’s solution comes after ‘extensive market research among business owners in the cleaning industry,’ said Manu Das, president and founder. The solution is built to address the unique challenges of the cleaning industry.” — Ted Rohm, TEC Research Analyst
Overview: Soffront CRM
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