TEC Industry Watch: Enterprise Software News for the Week of July 16, 2012

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Oracle buys Skire
Industry tags: capital management
"Oracle is buying to acquire all the assets of Skire, a provider of capital program management and facilities management applications both in the cloud and on-premise. With this acquisition, Oracle expects to complete a set of management tools for all phases of project management, having a complete enterprise project portfolio management platform. Finally software vendors are tying together all the different aspects of the project lifecycle into a single platform to provide extensive coverage." — Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst


Kinnerton Confectionery selects Aras Enterprise PLM
Industry tags: PLM, CPG, food & beverage
"Reportedly, this customer had been kicking the PLM tires for several years. Aras was selected over Siemens Teamcenter after the prospect was able to validate that the malleable open source system was going to work for its users." — P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

Nautech Electronics selects Epicor ERP after 6-month selection project
Industry tags: manufacturing
"Nautech Electronics is a New Zealand company that operates in the market of electric and electronic equipment design, manufacturing, and installation. Because the legacy ERP software it uses is limited in many areas, the decision was made to switch to a new ERP application. The company picked Epicor’s solution for its capabilities in bill-of-materials (BOM) management, SCM, and extensive and comprehensive reporting and data intelligence. In addition, there was an 'extra something,' according to Richard Scott, IT manager. That 'something' includes both additional features and user interface usability." — Aleksey Osintsev, TEC Research Analyst

Namakwa Diamonds will implement Sage X3 ERP
Industry tags: mining and quarrying
"This company, in the business of diamond mining in a few countries, required a solution that is well suited to its multinational and multicurrency model. Among other solutions, Sage ERP X3 was selected as a proven software for a company of medium size and with a wide range of functional capabilities. The company was also attracted by X3's flexibility in workflow automation, which allows any configuration of workflow required to be defined. This was one of the key aspects of the comprehensive software selection process." — Aleksey Osintsev, TEC Research Analyst

VAI's S2K ERP Solution selected by paper supply company
Industry tags: wholesale and retail trade
"Imperial Bag and Paper Co LLC was using a 20-year-old legacy application that obviously put significant limitations on its business; therefore, it was decided to replace it with a newer system. The company's major requirements were that the system be scalable and have a presence in the mid-market, and that the software provider have a deep knowledge of the industry. The company finally chose Vormittag Associates, Inc. (VAI) to develop a fully customized solution leveraging its S2K Enterprise Software to enhance its existing business processes and automate new ones, such as reporting and analytics, warehousing, sales automation, and transport management." — Aleksey Osintsev, TEC Research Analyst


Xactly Express adds integration with Intuit QuickBooks
Industry tags: accounting, sales performance management (SPM), cross-industry
"Xactly Corp. continues with its go-to-market execution and healthy partner ecosystem. The cloud software company has also partnered with Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics AX as well as Intacct and FinancialForce.com. I am not aware of its competitors having a similar slew of relationships, although Callidus is in SAP's ecosystem." — P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

SmartOps launches Enterprise Demand Sensing and Demand Analytics in the cloud
Industry tags: consumer products, discrete manufacturing, chemicals, life sciences, distribution, high technology
"The SmartOps Enterprise Demand Sensing (EDS) product is an entirely new offering. It is the first application constructed from scratch on the company's new multitenant platform as a service (PaaS) intended for cloud deployment. The new SmartOps cloud platform (live as of July 1, 2012) is built on open source components deployed through CloudFoundry. It's designed for deployment in public clouds (currently Amazon Web Services [AWS]) and in private clouds when necessary.

The EDS functionality is another market alternative to the likes of Terra Technology and ToolsGroup. EDS offers an alternative approach to predicting demand trends, supported by demand analytics. It automates the capture of demand trends, prediction of forecasts and sales order bias, and recognition of demand patterns to increase forecast accuracy at the level of granularity required for supply chain planning and execution. EDS is designed to work with demand signals within the enterprise as well as external signals such as downstream point-of-sale (POS) data contained in demand signal repositories (DSRs). EDS helps improve performance of traditional time-series based forecasting systems that focus on historical information but ignore current demand signals. With embedded analytics and scenario analysis capabilities of EDS, companies can increase supply chain agility with fact-based demand response strategies and assess effectiveness of product promotion and launch activities.

SmartOps believes that the EDS approach for blending multiple internal and external signals into a demand opinion that can be used by SmartOps products for optimizing service levels, inventory, and production is unique in the industry. This cloud offering is intended for both existing users and prospective users. Some might see this move by SmartOps as building out an augmented suite of on-demand apps to up-sell to existing customers and counter all the revenue dilution from the SAP partnership (where SAP might often act as a senior “bigger brother” partner). But, SmartOps says that SAP views this offering positively. SmartOps is working actively with SAP to ensure EDS and other SmartOps cloud products in the lab are complementary to SAP APO and Technology strategies (Cloud, HANA, Analytics, and Mobile)." — P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

Centric Software targets footwear industry with latest version of PLM software
Industry tags: PLM, fashion and apparel
"After partnering with vrSoftware to provide functionality for 3D virtual stores a couple of weeks ago, Centric Software is announcing a new version of its PLM offering aimed at footwear manufacturers. Traditionally considered to be part of fashion and apparel, the footwear industry does have specific requirements that are not always fully addressed by providers of PLM software for fashion. For instance, the product structure is different in footwear than in apparel, and companies often need to customize their PLM solution to address this challenge. The new version of Centric Software offers out-of-the-box support for footwear-specific product structure and size definitions as well as the option to mass replace or change product attributes." — Gabriel Gheorghiu, TEC Research Analyst

SAP releases feature pack 3 for SAP BO 4.0
Industry tags: business intelligence/business analytics
"SAP has recently unveiled new analytics features in some of its business intelligence portfolio, aimed especially at enhancing access to and working with big data. SAP BO feature pack 3.0 for the 4.0 solution release includes SAP BusinessObjects BI and SAP BusinessObjects BI Edge edition. SAP is working to reinforce its entire BI platform in order to gain uniform development within all its analytics applications, especially in key functional aspects such as mobile, collaboration, and access to big data, as well as to enhance tide integration with SAP HANA." — Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere on-demand edition now available
Industry tags: databases
"SAP announced the general availability of SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere on-demand edition, as part of its real-time data platform. According to SAP, Sybase SQL Anywhere uses an isolated multi-tenancy architecture to remove co-mingling of data. An interesting move from SAP to provide access to reliable cloud database products such as Sybase SQL Anywhere. "—Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst
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