TEC Industry Watch: Enterprise Software News for the Week of July 2, 2012

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D&K Engineering selects Aras Enterprise PLM software
Industry tags: PLM, complex electromechanical products and equipment
"This was a head-to-head win over Oracle’s incumbent Agile PLM solution. Aras was reportedly selected as a replacement for its openness (interconnectivity) and flexibility. Free and open source PLM software is becoming increasingly more popular over proprietary PLM alternatives."—P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

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Chinese supermarket chain selects Oracle Retail Management software
Industry tags: Wholesale and Retail Trade
"After evaluating SAP and Oracle software offerings for retail, fast-growing Chinese retail chain Better Life opted for the Oracle product suite, for its 184 supermarkets across southern China. Reportedly, among the key deciding factors were deep retail functionality, embedded industry best practices, scalability, and references from leading world-class retailers."—Aleksey Osintsev, TEC Analyst

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IMCO Engineering & Construction selects IFS Applications
Industry tags: Construction
"Based in Kuwait and Qatar, IMCO will implement IFS Applications, primarily to support its day-to-day operations across the Middle East. Requirements were naturally for multicountry and multicurrency support, project management and contract management, human resources, and local payroll functionality. Construction and project management-focused business are among IFS’s target vertical markets, and it's no surprise that the vendor won the 1.7 million (USD) contract. And having certified the software, I am personally not surprised, as IFS Applications presents a very dynamic and powerful offering to the market."—Aleksey Osintsev, TEC Analyst

• IFS Applications profile

Renault selects HP for private cloud services
Industry tags: automotive manufacturing
"French auto maker Renault has chosen HP to provide support for development of its private cloud solutions. Renault, along with its partner Nissan, will use the HP Utility services solution to develop new telematics solution for its electric cars. Renault will use HP Enterprise Cloud Services to host its European IT infrastructure. Not too long ago, private clouds were supposed to fail as a computing option, but now this model is paying interesting dividends for cloud providers."—Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

Nexica chooses Cisco to power its cloud services
Industry tags: Cloud Computing
"Nexica, a company that offers managed IT solutions, has chosen Cisco to power its private and hybrid cloud services for critical business applications using Cisco Unified Computing System technology and supported by Cisco Nexus 5000 Series switches for reliable Ethernet connectivity. By using more reliable and versatile resources, cloud providers can improve service levels and reduce operational costs, which in turn can encourage and accelerate cloud computing adoption from the customer perspective."—Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

Australian consumer magazine implements NetSuite financial application and NetSuite CRM
Industry tags: Publishing and media
"According to NetSuite, the replacement of several on-premise legacy applications allowed the magazine, CHOICE, to facilitate its transformation into fully digital publishing business. Indeed, this approach can be a decent option for digital companies for which all customers are subscribed via Internet only, in order to make the business literally virtual. Since all your business activities are already in the Web, it's logical to process back-office operations, customer subscriptions, and the entire CRM suite using cloud applications as well."—Aleksey Osintsev, TEC Analyst

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Red Hat to acquire FuseSource
Industry tags: open-source middleware, cross-industry
"This seems to be a mutually beneficial transaction. For its part, the bullish Red Hat needs to bolster the open-source enterprise service bus (ESB) capabilities of JBoss. Progress Software, which is in a major restructuring and divestment report, will be happy to get some cash infusion for FuseSource, which came from the IONA acquisition. Progress hasn't known what to do with the open source messaging product for years. As one Progress insider told me; 'FuseSource felt like a completely different company, they might as well have paid us the rent for the space in our building!'"—P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

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Red Hat expands collaboration with SAP on virtualization projects
Industry tags: virtualization, open-source OS and middleware, financial services
"While SAP has not contributed software to the open-source community, it is a tacit proponent of leveraging open-source technologies. The Sybase side in particular has long been using Linux and JBoss for the SAP Sybase ASE database in financial services. The recently unveiled SAP NetWeaver Gateway B2C integration tool now has a Red Hat JBoss extension so developers can consume data in a consistent and transparent way. This should come in handy for SAP Sybase mobility solutions. On the mainstream SAP Business Suite side, Linux is one of the supported OS platforms, while the JBoss app server can communicate via SAP NetWeaver PI."—P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

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Centric Software partners with vrSoftware to offer vrMockshop
Industry tags: ERP (fashion/retail)
"Centric is an established vendor for PLM for fashion and apparel, but the new partnership with vrSoftware will allow them to offer customers a virtual reality tool that they can use to build 3D virtual stores, and design shop floors and merchandising plans, and also easily change and share them with other users. The new partnership will be beneficial for retail planners in the fashion and apparel industry, and increase collaboration both inside and outside the team."—Gabriel Gheorghiu, TEC Research Analyst

• Mockshop demo video

Cincom Acquire offers cloud deployment
Industry tags: Q2O, specialty vehicles, industrial machinery, electronic components, commercial heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems
"While many ERP vendors are unveiling their support for Microsoft Azure Cloud deployment, it appears that Azure will only be ready for prime time sometime next year or so. Reportedly, the delay is with regard to cloud-enabling the Microsoft BI stack—the current "limitations" in Azure is that currently SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) are available in Azure, but their performance might not be up to par. Moreover, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) are not yet available in Azure, so essentially the key component of a BI solution is missing. That is getting added now. These issues are not that critical to Cincom Acquire, which is a sophisticated rules-based product configurator."—P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

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SYSPRO launches point-of-sale retailing solution
Industry tags: CPG, hi-tech and medical devices manufacturing & retail
"As hinted in my recent article on SYSPRO, the vendor was going to tackle POS capabilities. Syspro POS is for manufacturers and distributors that do some retail (e.g., in their showrooms, stores, etc.), but for now SYSPRO does not plan to become to be a full-fledged retail ERP/SCM provider. The mid-market vendor remains focused on its few manufacturing and distribution industries."—P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

• SYSPRO profile
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SYSPRO Announces New Business Software App Store
Industry tags: cross-industry
"App stores are not new in the business software world, as CRM vendors like SugarCRM and salesforce.com already offer Sugar Exchange and AppExchange. Beyond CRM, Microsoft has Dynamics Marketplace, and Sage offers a partner solution source. But for ERP only, these are rather the exceptions than the rule and it is good to see that SYSPRO is also launching its own app store. ERP users can greatly benefit, because they can use apps to enhance existing functionality without the need to acquire new modules, integrate with other solutions, or customize the solution. We'll definitely see more vendors offering app stores for business software, including ERP, but their success depends greatly on the community of partners and customers which contribute by creating and sharing apps."—Gabriel Gheorghiu, TEC Research Analyst

SYSPRO profile

Saba announces general availability of Saba Meeting 8.0
Industry tags: collaboration, cross-industry
"Saba Meeting (formerly Centra) is possibly the most underrated and overlooked collaboration solution in the market. It is a unified social, mobile, and video collaboration platform, enabling users to record and view high-definition (HD) video across webinars, virtual meetings, or classrooms on any device. And all that happens without dragging down the organization’s bandwidth due to Saba’s satellite server-based architecture and its ability to leverage Akamai’s Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Saba Meeting can be consumed in many ways. When used as a virtual classroom solution in combination with Saba Learning (or other part of Saba Enterprise Cloud), the solution provides the most comprehensive and advanced enterprise learning solution in the market today. Additionally, when combined with the social capabilities and embedded people profile of the novel Saba People Cloud (formerly Saba Social), users can collaborate and share knowledge and documents in real time with other employees, customers, and partners. Complete unification with Saba People Cloud offers a seamless blending of synchronous and asynchronous collaboration, featuring HD Video meetings, chat, VoIP, and activity stream.

In addition to being an integral part of Saba’s aforementioned broader talent management and social cloud platforms, an extensive set of open APIs are available for integrating Saba Meeting with third-party enterprise applications including CRM systems, ERP systems, LMSs, portals, and marketing automation. Slowly but surely, the word is getting out there that Saba’s collaboration solutions—meeting, webinar, and classroom, plus its social enterprise platform—are possibly the most innovative and unified solutions in the market."—P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

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Tableau launches native app for Android
Industry tags: cross-industry
"Recently Tableau software launched a new native app for Android devices to extend the reach of mobile BI services to a wider number of platforms/devices. This enables Tableau to offer an extensive set of solutions for both Android and Apple (i.e., the most popular mobile platforms), as well as Web-enabled Analytics for those who want to use a thin-client architecture."—Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst
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