TEC Industry Watch: Enterprise Software News for the Week of June 4, 2012

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UNC Charlotte selects BRG and Syclo
Industry tags: public sector, education, facilities management
"SAP’s recent acquisition of Syclo reportedly did not play a role in the selection of Syclo or BRG for this project. UNCC was an ARCHIBUS IWMS customer that already knew BRG as an ARCHIBUS specialist. There were no real options for a mobile version of ARCHIBUS. Going with Syclo and BRG meant the university was able to leverage a leading mobile technology provider with apps ready to go rather than build a solution on its own, which would have been expensive and much riskier."—P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

Spontech Spine Intelligence AG selects Aras
Industry tags: hi-tech, electronics
"What Workday has been to SAP and Oracle in the non-manufacturing ERP realm, Aras has lately been to the 'Big PLM' establishment—an opponent that will not necessarily kill the leaders, but will certainly annoy them. Reportedly, the open source PLM provider Aras has won nearly 70 new deals in 2012, many of which were PLM system replacements.

In this selection process, Agile PLM and Siemens Teamcenter were the competition, and Aras was selected due to its system’s flexibility and the high-tech electronics (HTE) expertise of Minerva Group (Aras' reseller in the Nordics). Minerva has created an add-on solution template (other PLM companies sometimes refer to these as 'accelerators') for Aras Innovator, which is specifically designed for the processes in HTE."—P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

Positec Completes Implementation of JDA Solutions
Industry tags: manufacturing
"Despite its core distribution and retail market, JDA has been offering solutions for manufacturers for many years. While JDA will not handle Positec’s actual manufacturing activities, it will work with Positec to integrate its demand planning activities and logistics, both of which are supplemented by outreaching collaborative capabilities. As with many companies, Positec’s legacy systems had little to offer in addressing various demand streams, and were cut off too early within the chain to provide best actionable plans, which made Positec’s growth management a costly challenge."—Philippe Reney, TEC Research Analyst



Salesforce.com acquires Buddy Media
Industry tags: cross-industry
"Buddy Media is a social marketing suite that helps companies increase their social media presence and measure the results of their social media initiatives. Acquisitions are nothing new for Salesforce.com, as it acquired Radian6 and Jigsaw in the past in order to strengthen its social media portfolio. Besides functionality for social media marketing (which Salesforce.com already had), the acquisitions of Radian6 and Buddy Media provide analytics and social media monitoring capabilities. With so much data being generated by 800 million Facebook users (to mention just one platform), analyzing it is and will be a major issue for CRM vendors."—TEC Analyst Gabriel Gheorghiu

Oracle acquires social media monitoring firm Collective Intellect
Industry tags: cross-industry
"Only a few weeks after announcing the acquisition of Vitrue (a social marketing and engagement platform), Oracle has announced another important social media acquisition: Collective Intellect, a provider of analytics and text mining solutions. It's worth mentioning that Vitrue was a competitor of Buddy Media (recently acquired by Salesforce.com), and that Collective Intellect is very similar to Radian6 (also acquired by Salesforce.com in 2011). Following on its acquisition of RightNow in 2011 to extend its customer experience management capabilities, Oracle is now strengthening its social CRM capabilities. It remains to be seen how all these products, plus existing Oracle products (CRM On Demand, Siebel, Fusion Applications for CRM, WebCenter, etc.) will work together. Oracle claims that the new acquisition will be part of its "social platform," but it’s not yet clear what that means, Oracle Social Network notwithstanding."—TEC Analyst Gabriel Gheorghiu

IFS acquires Metrix LLC
Industry tags: field service management (FSM), utilities, industrial equipment, A&D
"This acquisition fits well with IFS's previous acquisition of 360 Scheduling. In fact, 360 Scheduling was already a partner of Metrix when IFS acquired it in late 2010. 360 Scheduling is the engine that enables workforce optimization to any service and asset management solution. IFS continues to sell 360 Scheduling as a standalone solution to companies that need to optimize the scheduling of their workforce but already have service management solution in place and aren't looking replace the full system.

The acquisition of Metrix should enable IFS to provide a best-of-breed service management solution with integrated workforce optimization deployed either as a service or on premise. The acquired company also brings a strong mobile solution with offline capabilities, which is crucial for field service techs in remote areas. Thus, this acquisition should help IFS move to industry leadership in FSM, which is a direction IFS took a while back. I think this move is also in part IFS's defensive move for Click Software's longstanding relationship with SAP and recently announced partnership with Infor, and given SAP’s recent acquisition of Syclo."—P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

Kewill signs customs partner VamSoft in Hungary
Industry tags: cross-industry
"Global trade management solution vendor Kewill is looking to build a comprehensive platform for custom declaration platform through its CustomsXchange, which can only happen one country at a time, as each nation has its own peculiarities in handling trade compliance. VamSoft's Kompakt ZOLL solution supports electronic import and export declarations. For its part, CustomsXchange helps businesses simplify data entry through a standardized interface that will then translate the data into the appropriate format of the localized customs authorities."—Philippe Reney, TEC Research Analyst

Sage launches administrative portal for Sage Exchange
Industry tags: cross-industry
"As part of Sage North America's 'connected services' offerings in the cloud, the PCI-certified Sage Exchange payments platform enables SMBs to view, manage, and 'connect' their payment environment. The new Sage Exchange administrative portal will enable companies (but especially companies that provide on-site services and make on-site sales) to process customer transaction on the fly, manage them, and then create reports from anywhere—all fully integrated with their accounting system. Having an integrated and mobile payments environment not only saves time but should also reduce data entry errors."—P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

IBM launches new software for secure mobile application development
Industry tags: cross-industry
"IBM is launching a new software labeled IBM Mobile Security to expand its capabilities for providing mobile development services. Security is one of the main concerns of any organization looking into developing and deploying business mobile applications. By providing the means for secure mobile application development, IBM intends to provide users with all the necessary elements for a reliable mobile development platform."—Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

IBM performs major enhancements to its Smarter Computing initiative to deal with big data
Industry tags: cross-industry
"IBM has announced a broad set of enhancements to its Smarter Computing initiative specifically to meet big data requirements. Some of its major enhancements involve IBM's storage systems (both in flash and on tape) as well as major integration capabilities with big data sources such as MapReduce, for some of IBM's major platforms (e.g., IBM Platform Symphony, System X Intelligent Cluster and the high performance Computing Cloud portfolio). Companies such as IBM are preparing the ground for companies to be able to deal with increasingly voluminous and complex amounts of data "—Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

SAP launches analytics application for aerospace and defense
Industry tags: A&D
"Continuing with its expansion to the business analytics arena, SAP has launched SAP Program Performance Analysis for A&D to help companies in this industry to monitor performance of their aerospace and defense programs. Already powered by SAP HANA, the application can analyze large sets of data and help users gain insights within their defense programs in real time."—Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

IBM launches Mobile Shopper for in-store digital scanning, checkout capabilities
Industry tags: retail
"IBM will provide advanced barcode-scanning capabilities on smart phones, which will allow shoppers to handle the rest of the transaction (i.e., check out) directly through their phones. This has the potential to make the shopping experience a far more congenial proposition than it is currently, provided that secure transactions can be effectively put in place on mobile devices."—Philippe Reney, TEC Research Analyst
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