TEC Industry Watch: Enterprise Software News for the Week of September 3, 2012

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Industrial lubricants manufacturer IRMCO selects ProcessPro Premier ERP software
Industry tags: manufacturing
"This case is a textbook example of an improperly selected ERP system that needed to be replaced. The manufacturer, which operates in a process-based production environment, has finally found an appropriate system that is specifically designed for this type of manufacturing: ProcessPro Premier. The company’s previous system was primarily focused on discrete manufacturing, and it required multiple workarounds and manual business processes. Certainly, the resulting business information wasn’t sufficiently integrated and the system wasn’t very convenient. ProcessPro Premier is supposed to fix all these issues, as well as bring new features that weren’t previously available." — Aleksey Osintsev, TEC Analyst.
Overview: ProcessPro Premier
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Internet marketing firm selects KeyedIn Solutions
Industry tags: Internet marketing, project portfolio management, project management
"Single Throw, an Internet marketing company, has selected KeyedInProjects to support the company’s growing project portfolio. Single Throw needed a solution with project management capabilities to manage hundreds of projects and integrate with third-party solutions. KeyedInProjects is a flexible, scalable, and full-featured application suite for project management, PPM, program management, and professional service automation (PSA). According to Elayne Attara, VP of operations at Single Throw, KeyedIn Solutions have 'enabled better organizational structure and better communications,' which will result in 'better service delivery across the board.'" — Ted Rohm, TEC Analyst
Profile: KeyedIn Solutions
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City and County of San Francisco selects Envista for right-of-way coordination
Industry tags: municipalities, utilities
"The City and County of San Francisco has selected Envista’s Enterprise ROW Coordination Platform to manage activities in the public right-of way (ROW). The Envista platform provides a map-based approach to ROW coordination to identify and resolve issues faced by municipalities, utilities, and other industries before they impact budgets, schedules, and the public. San Francisco will leverage Envista's offering for project coordination, permit workflow management, special events, street incidents, etc. The offering is available as SaaS and is fully Web accessible. It's easy to see why San Francisco chose Envista's ROW platform to help manage the multitude of ROW issues for its mobile and dynamic population." — Ted Rohm, TEC Analyst


Access acquires BI vendor Prelytis
Industry tags: business intelligence/business analytics
"Access Group, a provider of enterprise software applications has acquired Prelytis, a French-based business intelligence and business analytics vendor with strong presence in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. With this acquisition, Access will expand into SaaS business intelligence technology marketplace and continue to provide current Access customers with new applications for their data management portfolio. This is an interesting move from Access that reinforces the vendor's software portfolio and sets the stage for future growth." — Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst
Profile: Prelytis

Autodesk continues strategic investment in PLM with acquisition of Inforbix
Industry tags: manufacturing, architecture, building, construction, digital art and entertainment
"The integration between Inforbix and Autodesk PLM 360 already existed for indexing, semantic search, personalization, and data visualization. This should be a good move for Autodesk in its quest to gain the PLM capabilities and credibility. Inforbix runs on a NoSQL database in a cluster setup, and it will be interesting to see whether Autodesk uses it for PLM 'big data' analysis in addition to PLM data discovery and consumption."

I cannot help but feel that Autodesk has hereby also 'acquired' Oleg Shilovitsky, Inforbix founder and recognized authority in the PLM market. I certainly expect that his blogging will somewhat change, if not necessarily subside. For many other PLM vendors, he will inevitably go from being regarded as an independent PLM influencer (welcomed at vendors' events) to a competitor with a PLM blog." — P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst
TEC blog post (Apr  2012): Inforbix – About Smart Product Information Discovery and Consumption
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IBM Cloud to deliver new home entertainment services for Philips Smart TVs
Industry tags: cloud computing, consumer electronics
"IBM has recently unveiled its new cloud platform for consumer electronics firms, and announced that this new IBM offering will power the Philips TV platform for Internet services. Customers will have on-demand access to entertainment options, as well as two-way interaction and capabilities for accessing personalized content using Philips Smart TV sets. This is another clear signal of the radical transformation of entertainment services." — Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst
Profile: IBM

Sage ACT 2013 expands mobile, social, and e-marketing capabilities
Industry tags: mobile, e-marketing, cross-industry
"The 25th Anniversary Edition of Sage ACT! 2013 now includes social media, e-marketing, and smart task automation features designed for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android. With these new mobile features Sage is hoping to help their customers to increase their sales." — Raluca Druta, TEC Analyst
Profile: Sage

A10 Networks deploys RevPro by Leeyo Software
Industry tags: revenue recognition, cross-industry
"Leeyo Software announced that A10 Networks, a leader in application networking, implemented the RevPro revenue automation solution. Leeyo's RevPro software is a complete suite of software solutions for managing processes in the revenue cycle that also integrates into your ERP system's quote-to-cash processes. A10 Networks chose the solution based on a number of factors including the need to reduce time needed to close a financial period, ensure compliance with latest guidelines, and provide executives with better tools for revenue forecasting and reporting. These are common problems facing many companies and the RevPro solution helps fill these gaps." — Ted Rohm, TEC Analyst

Pipkins and Cicero begin deploying new solution to contact centers and the back office
Industry tags: analytics
"Pipkins and Cicero team up to enhance Pipkins' Enterprise Workforce Management system, Vantage Point, with Cicero's Desktop Analytics. In so doing, Pipkins aspires to provide better work process analytics to its customers. Cicero's Desktop Analytics can collect data about desktop activity and further evaluate it to predict possible workflow issues." — Raluca Druta, TEC Analyst

Workday unveils time tracking application to transform time and attendance in the enterprise
Industry tags: HCM, WFM, service industries
"The market observers have already mentioned virtually anything worth mentioning about the Workday 17 release that featured greater mobile access (HTML5-based multi-platform support), new usability, and new functionality in every Workday enterprise cloud application. But my eye caught the announcement of brand new timekeeping (T&A) and expenses management functionalities. While Kronos and Workday will certainly compete on occasion, they will also partner in complex environments where Workday's T&A product just isn't a good fit.

As a new ERP for service industries provider focused on competing with Oracle and SAP, Workday appears to have other fish to fry. In fact, the company's S1 report (pre-IPO) indicates that, despite doing the things right architecturally from scratch, a whopping 37 percent of revenue is currently being invested in development of its applications for managing financials, where the company has so far had very little traction." — P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst
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Vertical Solutions, Inc. releases HTML5-based mobile versions of field service and CRM software
Industry tags: mobile, field service, cross-industry
"VServiceManagement is the mobile version of Vertical Solutions’ Field Service and CRM software. From an implementation point of view, companies need deploy only one version of the product across all major mobile platforms (iOS, Windows, and Android)." — Raluca Druta, TEC Analyst

RedPrairie Warehouse Management gains market share
Industry tags: WMS, electronics & electrical, food & beverage, household & personal care, pharmaceuticals & biotech, retail
"The press release highlights the areas/verticals where RedPrairie has traditionally dominated, and continues to do so. The vendor has also expanded its lead in EMEA and is growing faster than the competition in Asia-Pacific. In addition, it has moved up to second place in most of the retail vertical sub-segments. I believe RedPrairie continues to gain market share because its approach of connecting supply chain participants from manufacturing plants to the consumer (retail shelf) is resonating with companies that are realizing the connection to retail and/or channel strategies is critical going forward. RedPrairie offers a broader portfolio than other best-of-breed competitors and more depth of functionality than the ERP players." — P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst
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