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I’ve been working at TEC for a year now, helping our team of Analysts as they manage their demanding workloads, nurture their ideas, and provide interesting content to our two-million-plus subscribers.

It’s a pleasure to hash out ideas and watch as the organic process of writing and editing results in new angles and fresh approaches to software industry issues.

As we expand the scope of our content, which largely means keeping a pointed focus on the data in our models (i.e., What’s new in SCM? How can we ensure our ERP space is totally current?  Which new vendors or products do we need to add to the fold in the next quarter?), I am constantly on the lookout for new talent to add to the team.

If you’re interested in a dynamic career in Montreal as an Industry Analyst, and have substantial business analysis experience in the software sphere as well as a passion for writing, I would be pleased to discuss the possibilities with you.

Also on the same team are our intrepid Project Managers whose business is to guide companies through the complex and turbulent process of selecting the perfect-fit enterprise software solutions for their needs. Our PMs fly far and near to consult on requirements, demos, and final selection, and train clients on using our proprietary tool, TEC Advisor—a wizard of a program that brings together thousands upon thousands of end-user requirements with many more thousands of vendor features and functions. It’s a tried-and-true methodology, pairing knowledgeable, confident PMs with dynamic and decision support software that contains the latest data across almost all industries and niches.

In our effort to continue providing this successful service to clients around the globe, we’re looking for multilingual, experienced PMs who are at ease with guiding clients through detailed requirements gathering, process analysis, and technical exploration through TEC Advisor.

Travel features strongly in this role, as does careful documentation and expert client handling. We’ve developed a very successful approach to software selection and rely on our PMs to keep these projects on track. If you think you have what it takes and you’ve got proven client and project management skills, drop me a line and we’ll see if there’s a match!

I look forward to hearing from you. Click here to submit your CV now.
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