TEC Launches a New Decision Support System: jDICE (just Decide-Ignore [Your Idiot] Customers and Employees)

Montreal, QC — April 1, 2010 — Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), a world-wide leader in enterprise software evaluation, has released a new decision support system for pragmatic decision makers who already know what’s most important for their company: jDICE™ (just Decide—Ignore [Your Idiot] Customers and Employees).

After all, why should you worry about customers or employees when selecting business software? Customers come and go, and so do employees! For decision makers who are convinced they already know what’s really important for their company, TEC has created this cutting-edge decision support system, guaranteed to confirm your personal biases in the way most beneficial to you and your career!

How Does jDICE Work?
As you might have guessed, jDICE is actually a real pair of dice: on each side of each die we have the names of enterprise software vendors selected purely on the basis of their marketing budgets!

For advanced users, we provide three dice: use the first one to decide what kind of enterprise software you need (CRM, ERP, SCM, EAM, etc.); use the second to select the vendor; and use the third to determine how many rounds of golf you’ll play this week-end!

Advanced Options
For decision makers who already know which software to purchase but who need to create an atmosphere of “transparency” and “objectivity,” we can personalize your jDICE by adding “research options” carefully weighted in a way that GUARANTEES you will never have to follow up with actual, objective, due diligence!

Finally, if like some companies, you would prefer to justify your IT project budget by letting your decision process drag on and on, we offer a monthly or yearly subscription to e-jDICE™, an online decision support system that allows you to select an unlimited number of dice, with a multitude of mutually contradictory  options for each! The more dice you select, the longer it will take you to select your enterprise software!

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