TEC Picks Up Where Other Analyst Firms Leave Off

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When it’s time to buy, TEC‘s granular analysis helps companies choose the right software solutions

Selecting enterprise software is complicated and time consuming, and leaves little room for error. With budgets, and sometimes jobs on the line, it’s no surprise that IT decision makers look to analyst firms to help them minimize the costs and risks of making the wrong choice. Expert advice can be the key to a successful software selection project, as long as you’re getting the right information at each stage of the process.

At TEC, we specialize in providing the type of detailed product and vendor data that you need when it comes time to make a buying decision. And that’s what sets us apart.

An example: several firms focus on high-level analyses of software products, exploring the business characteristics of specific vendors, their product development roadmaps, their general strengths and weaknesses in the market, and so on. Those firms’ research and reports tend to focus on particular vendors chosen by their analysts.

That kind of analysis is invaluable when you’re researching software technologies and trying to understand how the market is evolving. But it won’t allow you to see exactly how any one vendor’s offering performs versus the competition—information that’s crucial to finding the best software solutions for your company’s unique business needs.

TEC’s analysis, by contrast, focuses less on high level market trends and vendor analyses but goes into considerably more depth for each software solution. Where conventional software analyses may look at 200 to 500 criteria (software features and functions) at most, TEC’s cover up to several thousand.

To help you manage that level of complexity during the evaluation and selection process, we provide the TEC Advisor online evaluation and selection system. Using TEC Advisor, you can define which criteria are most important for your company and instantly see which solutions best meet your requirements. Because you can work at any level—from major functional areas down to individual features—you can account for your most critical requirements without drowning in data.

The vendor and product data in TEC Advisor initiates from our repository of RFI responses that we gather from vendors, and update regularly based on the results of the selection projects we perform for our clients. Having ready access to a constantly refreshed repository of data on the features and functions of hundreds of software solutions means you spend much less time waiting for RFI and RFP responses, and you can produce a shortlist of solutions much more quickly.

In other words, TEC covers a broad range of vendors and products in great detail, and provides a simple online application to help you narrow down the list to get a report on the ones that are most likely to fit your business needs. And that can help you make a better, faster, more informed software selection.

So while TEC does provide some of the high-level research that other firms do—you’ll find it in our articles, reports, Vendor Showcase, and right here on the TEC blog—the bulk of what we do is designed to complement the types of analysis that other firms provide. While they provide the business insight you need to make sure you’re on the right track, we fill in the detail you need to make sure that the software you choose supports your business objectives.
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