TEC Product Certification Reports Now Available

We've begun publishing a new type of report (free download) called a Product Certification Report. These have been in the works for a while so I'm very happy to announce the first two are now available. I'll post the links below and then explain what these reports are.

We actually develop two reports for every software system we certify. One report (examples published at the links above) is written for potential buyers of the product, it's relevant to someone researching or comparing various software systems for their own selection projects. It should be a useful, independent and unbiased addition to an in-depth evaluation process. Vendors also receive their own copies of the report, with insights that pertain to their product development and competitive landscape. 

TEC Product Certification reports represent our analyst group's findings after doing an in-depth review of a vendor's product.  My colleague, Jamal Rahal, recently explained how our analysts perform a certification. In brief, our analysts select a representative cross-section of criteria from our models of enterprise software and ask vendors to demonstrate how their products satisfy these criteria (actually it's more involved than that but you can read Jamal's post if you want to find out how).

The functional verification that takes place during a certification session is reflected in our online evaluation centers, so you can review it yourself--in a lot of detail. Nevertheless, certain types of qualitative issues and business-oriented analyses cannot always be captured just in the form of functional ratings. That's one way that these certification reports ought to be interesting to anyone in the process of selecting a new enterprise system. You can read our analysts' findings after they've seen the product in action and also verified it against our benchmarks.

We'll continue announcing these reports as we publish them in our newsletter and web sites.
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