TEC Vendor Challenge: ERP, and Disruptive Innovations and Strategies

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is putting all its expertise and experience behind hosting the upcoming TEC Vendor Challenge, September 18–19, in Montreal, Quebec.

The idea behind the TEC Vendor Challenge is to provide enterprises with an efficient way to see a number of major software vendors demo to a common script over the course of 1 to 2 days. By offering a set number of registrations, we afford attendees with more and better opportunities for interacting with software vendors and analysts, networking with other end users, and gaining a lot of new insights over the course of a couple of days.

There's no time like now for you to take a fresh look at your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, your ERP requirements, and your ERP strategic plan for your business. This event is made-to-order to help guide you in this process of evaluating and comparing ERP software systems.

Why Distribution?

TEC is giving some special focus at this event to the distribution industry, and to manufacturers and enterprises with shipping- and logistics-focused operations. The distribution industry, with an extensive presence in a multitude of industries, plays a critical role in the US and global economy. If you have not checked in lately on the distribution industry, you may be interested to know that the approximately 300,000 distributors in the US generate some $5 trillion of revenues annually.

Distributors are facing some very interesting developments. The distribution industry is, for example, looking at an encroaching disintermediation, as companies look to get things to market ever faster without or without the distributor. The TEC Vendor Challenge will address some of the challenges and opportunities, with lessons for manufacturers, companies with shipping- and logistics-focused functions, and any enterprise with supply chain considerations.

A panel of TEC, and other, analysts and consultants will discuss the disruptive innovations going on, from inside and outside the industry; how companies are trying to leverage emerging and emergent technologies; the increased focus on the seamless customer experience, and what this means for order fulfillment; the next-day delivery mandate; extending ERP integration to customers for such things as real-time order status; and the tightening of links between companies and suppliers.

Mark your calendars, and make your reservations, before the seats fill up.

The TEC Vendor Challenge: ERP for Distribution

Who: Senior IT, supply chain, and management executives of distributors, manufacturers, and enterprises with shipping and logistics operations.

Where: Montreal Quebec, at the Delta Centre-Ville Hotel

When: September 18–19, 2013

How: Register on the TEC Vendor Challenge Web site

Why You Should Attend the TEC Vendor Challenge

Here are some of the things you’ll gain by attending this event:

  1. See seven ERP software vendor demos, to the same demo script, so you can compare and evaluate ERP software solutions side by side.

  2. Leverage software demos, workshops, panel discussions, and questions and answers (Q&As) when actively evaluating, anticipating evaluating an ERP software system in the near future, or trying to assess your ERP system needs.

  3. Engage directly with software vendors, system integrators, and technology providers to get direct answers to your questions.

  4. Interact with other enterprises and end users and establish valuable contacts that you may serve you well in running your business.

  5. Meet and talk to the analysts and consultants from TEC, who work with software vendors and end users on a daily basis.

And of course you also get to visit the beautiful city of Montreal.

Vendor Demos

Vendor demos take time to set up, script properly, allocate time for, and run effectively. This is, as we all know a resource- and time-intensive exercise. To help you out, TEC is providing an opportunity to see up to seven demos of major software vendors over the course of 2 days.

These short-length demos will not, as we know, take the place of the usual day-long vendor demos, which are typically done in the course of a formal software evaluation and selection.

TEC has, however, created a consistent demo script for the software vendors, enabling you to see an “apples-to-apples” set of vendor demos that will refresh your ERP knowledge, accelerate your software evaluation, and give you an exceptional opportunity to directly compare demo notes with end users from other enterprises.

The TEC Vendor Challenge agenda has multiple demo slots spread throughout the day, allowing you to rotate as you like, through the software vendor demos of your choice.

You’ll get an up-close look at leading ERP solutions, meet face to face with leading analysts, industry experts, software vendors, and value-added resellers (VARs), and get help finding the right software solution for your distribution requirements.

Workshops, Panel Discussion, and Q&As

The TEC Vendor Challenge also provides two major workshop sessions where analysts from TEC and Pemeco Consulting will present their latest insights and findings:
(1) Software Assessment and Selection—A Value Added Process. Presented by TEC.
(2) Winning Strategies for a Successful Implementation presented by Pemeco Consulting.

TEC, Aberdeen Research, and Pemeco Consulting will also present a panel discussion on a range of industry, technology, and business process issues that we see distributors and other companies facing today.

Companies striving to better respond to their markets and new industry and business process mandates have a rich set of disruptive innovations, and new, emerging, and legacy technology strategies to assess and evaluate. The panelists will focus on some particularly compelling opportunities, and challenge the audience to think about how to capitalize on these opportunities. In the Q&A session that follows, attendees will have a chance to challenge the panelists and each other, and share some insights and learnings in an interactive session.

Wrap this all together, and what you have are multiple opportunities to gain and share insights and strategies that you will be able to leverage through 2013 and beyond.

The Networking!

Most enterprises that we know and talk to are in a continual state of evaluating their software, how their software and other technologies are serving their business needs, and what they need to do to continually refresh and update their capabilities.

The TEC Vendor Challenge event provides the opportunity to network with your peers, and with analysts, experts, and vendors, in an event that is designed to provide you ample opportunities to exchange ideas.

During the 2 days of this event, participants will have multiple opportunities—breakfast, lunch, and evening cocktail reception to talk, compare notes, and share ideas.

Better yet, TEC is holding this event in Montreal (very near to TEC’s headquarters) to afford you more opportunity than ever to meet and to interact with TEC’s staff and executives.

We have seen, time and time again, the value of networking with one’s peers, as well as with analysts and software vendors. The TEC Vendor Challenge affords you a valuable opportunity in a unique setting to engage directly and ask a lot of questions to software vendors, technology solution providers, system integrators, analysts, project managers, and other TEC experts.

Start a Conversation with TEC

What better time, too, to start a conversation with us? TEC analysts and consultants will be available to talk with you one on one about your specific questions and needs. Whether you are starting a software evaluation, already in an active selection, or doing a review of the vendor landscape for future purposes, we will be very interested in meeting you, and answering any questions that you have.

It all starts with a conversation. The TEC Vendor Challenge is an excellent opportunity for you—whether the conversation is about your ERP and software strategies, TEC’s capabilities, industry issues, emerging issues and technologies, or what to do in Montreal! (Be sure to read “Experience Montreal While at the TEC Vendor Challenge.”)

We are working hard to make the TEC Vendor Challenge worth the investment of your time. Register now to secure your seat, and come see what is new in ERP.

We might just have another surprise or two up our sleeves.

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