TEC Vendor Challenge (ERP for Distribution) - Not Just for Distributors

  • Written By: Ted Rohm
  • Published: August 12 2013

TEC Vendor Challenge for ERP Distribution

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), with partners Aberdeen Group, Pemeco Consulting, and SupplyChainBrain, will be hosting the TEC Vendor Challenge, “ERP for Distribution” in Montreal, Canada on September 18–19, 2013. To see more about the event logistics and get up-to-date information on the Vendor Challenge, visit the event site here.

For such an event, it’s always difficult to capture the breadth of the event offerings with just a single title or one-sentence tweetable headline. Here we’ll give more details about the event, and take a look at the types of organizations that would greatly benefit from attending the event. Plus, beyond the unequaled offerings of the overall event, your team will also have the opportunity to visit and enjoy one of the best kept secrets in North America—the vibrant city of Montreal, Canada!

There are many organizations that struggle with complex distribution requirements. These include not only companies that define their primary business as distribution, but also manufacturers in various  industries, and even Web sales companies. In the latter two types of organizations, the core ERP software capabilities, such as financials, human resources, sourcing and procurement, and inventory management, are usually covered reasonably well by an ERP system already in place. However, what these companies often end up realizing is that their existing ERP solution doesn’t handle all the complex distribution capabilities that are at the heart of their business.

As an example, you might have a company that makes a great little product but started out fairly small, for example, a manufacturer of an auto gadget, a children’s toy, or even a bakery. Your company was fine with its current ERP system when its business was running around $5M/year and only had regional distribution of its product from a single facility. However, that all changed when the company landed that “big contract” with a national presence. Now the current tools available in the company’s ERP system don’t begin to manage the product manufacture, kitting, and complex scheduling needed to distribute the product to the large, national customer.

Another example is a small Web startup that put together a great business model for delivering high-end products to a select subscriber list. Again, this company was fine with one warehouse where they’d bring in the product, stage it, and ship it out via common carriers using a few spreadsheets that were custom developed for the product distribution department to manage the orders on a daily basis. Then the company found an angel investor that allowed business to be quadrupled over the next year. The tools that were once seen as more than adequate can in no way scale to handle the complexities needed to support this business into the future.

If either of the situations above rings true for your company, you should consider attending the TEC Vendor Challenge in September, where the focus will be on selecting and implementing ERP solutions for the distribution industry. Of course, if your organization’s main line of business is distribution in any way, shape, or form, you’ll gain invaluable insight by attending this event. The solutions presented feature exciting new technologies available in supply chain automation, plus the latest capabilities to support inventory and warehouse management such as wireless warehousing, barcoding, and RFID. The technological advances in social collaboration and mobile that will be presented are alone enough to make the event worth the price of admission. There will also be a panel discussion featuring experts from TEC and its event partners on future trends in distribution.

At the TEC Vendor Challenge, companies will be able to see how the latest ERP solutions help meet complex distribution requirements along with helping to manage all the associated enterprise needs that can only be provided by a robust ERP solution. If you’re an organization struggling to manage complex sourcing requirements, extensive warehouse operations, and most importantly extensive shipping and logistics operations, you don’t want to miss this event.
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