TEC's Talent Management Research Model-What End Users Need to Know

Over the past few months, analysts at Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) have been working on a new research space for talent management. I’m happy to announce that the Talent Management research space for talent management systems is now online and available to the public.

Talent Management: What’s In It?

TEC’s new Talent Management research space is geared toward end users looking for solutions to manage their business workforce—their most valuable asset! This research space for talent management systems includes vendor-related information such as white papers, case studies, articles, and reports, and contains a talent management model that you can use as a request for information (RFI).

This RFI can help you determine the talent management activities that you perform within your organization, and how important specific functionalities are to your selection of talent management software. The Talent Management model addresses the following software functionality:

  • Recruitment and Staffing

  • Personnel Management

  • Career Development & Succession Planning

  • Learning Management

  • Performance & Compensation Management

  • Workforce Planning

  • Product Technology

With the addition of talent management, TEC’s former Human Resources Evaluation Center—which encompassed functionality for Core HR, Learning Management Systems (LMSs), and Incentive and Compensation Management (I&CM)—has been renamed the Human Capital Management (HCM) Evaluation Center. The aim of this new evaluation center is to encompass all facets of managing an organization’s workforce (from the point of hire to the point of retire).

Talent Management RFI

While developing this new research space, we met with many HR, talent management, and related software vendors (through product briefings) to garner information about their products’ functionality. Following these briefings, we asked vendors to complete a request for information (RFI) to define the levels of support that their talent management product or suite provides for each functionality.

With this information, our end-user audience will be informed about the types and levels of functionality that vendor products provide.

We currently have complete RFI data on six talent management–related products; however, we have more than 30 HR, recruitment, applicant tracking, learning management, and related software vendors currently working on completing their RFIs. The information regarding these vendors’ solutions will be available (as completed RFI data) to the public as we receive them.

Vendor Information

We have about 600 vendors and more than 1,200 products in more than 50 enterprise software models listed in our Vendor Showcase.

In addition to accessing the vendor RFI data, end users can download case studies, case studies, white papers, and reports about vendors and their products.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Templates

If you’re an organization that is seeking talent management enterprise solutions and don’t know where to start, TEC can help. Our RFP templates can help your get started in your software selection.

This Talent Management RFP template comprises a functional and technical requirement set covering industry-standard functional criteria for talent management software that will help end users (like you) easily gather and prioritize their business needs.

The Talent Management RFP is now available in TEC's Online Store.

If you’re interested in understanding more about TEC's Software Selection Services, contact us today for a free consultation.

If you are a vendor whose product(s) falls under TEC’s new talent management research area and are interested in having a product briefing, completing our RFI, and getting listed in our vendor directory, please contact us. 
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