TIBCO Introduces TIBCO Cloud Bus

tibcologo150.pngEarlier this month, TIBCO announced the launch of its new Integration Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) called TIBCO Cloud Bus. The new subscription-based integration platform will enable users to undergo extensive and complex integration projects, and migrate applications and workload to the cloud, at, as TIBCO states, lower costs and with drastically lesser deployment times.

According to TIBCO, the Cloud Bus enables users to have the freedom to start their projects within minutes and only pay for what they consume, while at the same time having the freedom to choose and move across cloud infrastructure offered by partners that meet TIBCO's and its customers' needs and demands.TIBCO Cloud Bus also offers extensive capabilities for connection and real-time integration, reducing waiting times and the need for batch updates. At the same time, it provides a set of ready-made integrations for different applications such as salesforce.com, enabling organizations to adapt specific templates to their real business scenarios and needs.

In this context, Matt Quinn, TIBCO's CTO, mentioned:
With Cloud Bus, TIBCO is combining the deployment flexibility of the cloud with enterprise-class integration features in a single subscription service that customers can run anywhere—on-premise, in the cloud, in bare metal or virtualized environments. TIBCO Cloud Bus provides ready-made integrations across popular SaaS and critical on-premise applications, while allowing subscribers the ability to identify, configure, and extend integration templates for their own business context with ease. Finally, and as you would expect from TIBCO, Cloud Bus includes extensive capabilities for real-time integration, meaning changes are reflected in all connected applications as they happen, without waiting for the next batch update.

Mercer Rowe—director of Cloud Services Partner Strategy of VMware, one of TIBCO's important partners—stated:
VMware and TIBCO are working closely together to offer TIBCO Cloud Bus as a service on VMware vCloud® Hybrid Service™ to deliver agility and flexibility to customers. Once implemented, customers will be able to rapidly deploy TIBCO Cloud Bus and extend application integration from private to public clouds on the same trusted infrastructure, with common management and orchestration, backed by the world-class VMware support organization.

TIBCO is taking important steps to provide a means that will enable organizations to have full-fledged platforms providing easier and faster cloud migration, eliminating big costs and migration process burdens.

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