TIBCO Is on Spotfire with Its New Version 6.5, and Buys Jaspersoft Too

TIBCO, a significant contender in the provision of event-driven and data management solutions, started its year off highly inspired and energetic, and did not hesitate to make moves that clearly look to reposition the company so that it’s in line to compete with other powerhouses, specifically in the areas of managing and analyzing big data.

Aside from the recent 6.0 release of TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks, TIBCO is also reinforcing its analytics and business intelligence (BI) front with two major actions: the release of TIBCO Spotfire 6.5 and the acquisition of open source–based BI provider Jaspersoft.

TIBCO Spotfire 6.5: Consolidating Data Process and Delivery

Despite not being a full version release, TIBCO Spotfire 6.5 includes at least a few major features to welcome:
  • The inclusion of parameterized SQL queries for big data sources, enabling users to interact directly with these sources using common SQL up front while hiding the complexities of these sources from users, easing the process of analyzing big data for end users. Users can access, analyze, and build analytic applications more easily and faster.
  • A richer set of features for performing location analytics via integration with services provided by Esri or a Web Map Service (WMS) to map it with Spotfire’s sets of data. This enables Spotfire to natively visualize complex location-based analytics and takes advantage of Spotfire’s new capability to visualize, filter, and drill through data located in Esri’s ArcGIS or a WMS Server.
  • The new Spotfire Desktop is a single-seat and full analytics authoring tool, and will be available for download from Spotfire.com. Some of the outstanding features included in Spotfire Desktop include:
    • Direct data connectors to diverse sources of data, including big data, such as Hadoop.
    • Network visualization and analysis capabilities
    • TIBCO’s embedded enterprise runtime engine for R
Targeted for business analysts and data scientists, TIBCO has disclosed the Spotfire Desktop price to be $1,999 with a perpetual license and an annual maintenance fee of $305 after first year.

Other features included in this version are the integration of Spotfire and Mobile Metrics, one of TIBCO’s outstanding new assets resulting from the acquisition of Extended Results.

Regarding TIBCO’s new release, Lars Bauerle, vice president of product management at TIBCO, stated:

Spotfire 6.5 now provides organizations the tools to build their own unique applications that can connect to complex data sources seamlessly. Spotfire 6.5 allows customers to quickly build applications that use the power of data sources without exposing the complexity to end users, generating new levels of insights and discovery.

With Spotfire 6.5, TIBCO took a logical step forward, especially in terms of reinforcing Spotfire’s position in the analytics arena, particularly in the data discovery field.

And Then There Was Jaspersoft

TIBCO made quite an impression with a surprise acquisition of the well-known open source BI provider Jaspersoft. The acquisition is remarkable not only because of Jaspersoft’s open source model that is strikingly different from TIBCO’s commercial structure, but also because of Jaspersoft’s potential to expand TIBCO’s presence within the BI space on two main points: the cloud and high embeddability.
In an operation that, according to TIBCO, had an approximately $185 million dollar price tag, Jaspersoft will enable TIBCO to expand its BI and analytics portfolio with a product well known for developing highly embeddable analytics solutions as well as for pushing strong within the cloud via its software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings.

Murray Rode, chief operating officer at TIBCO, remarked:

TIBCO's broader business strategy is to continue to expand our go-to-market model with a wider range of pricing, packaging and deployment options.  The acquisition of Jaspersoft accelerates this strategy as it brings a subscription pricing approach for its commercial products along with a set of open source offerings. We believe that the combination of our companies' offerings will allow us to cover the whole of the market opportunity for analytics while providing tremendous value to the combined set of customers and prospects.

His statement confirms that the acquisition of Jaspersoft will significantly reposition TIBCO in the cloud arena, in which Spotfire has not been a player.

TIBCO will benefit from having a company that has been working hard to produce flexible and scalable solutions, including a set of editions ranging from Jaspersoft BI Community edition to a Jaspersoft edition specifically for Amazon, which runs on its AWS platform.

Another big benefit is that Jaspersoft comes with a large number of customers and an established community, with more than 16 million downloads of its community edition.

Jaspersoft will be acting as a business unit within TIBCO, much like Spotfire. But the benefits of adding this already mature BI offering to TIBCO’s BI and analytics stack are clear. Jaspersoft’s development may also reap potential benefits by using TIBCO’s expertise and incorporating data management capabilities such as event management, which may be especially advantageous in this era of big data and the Internet of Things.

TIBCO Is Playing Aggressive BI
These two news items within just a couple of weeks of each other signal clearly that TIBCO is getting aggressive about achieving success in the BI and analytics market. TIBCO has been working consistently to expand all of its BI and analytics services by improving on its in-house technology—for mobile and expanded analytics, for example—and now with extended presence in the cloud.
I expect further changes to come. Anticipate intensive integration of these offerings—TIBCO Spotfire and Jaspersoft—with the rest of the TIBCO spectrum, especially in their interesting business and event process technologies to provide end to end data management and decision support solutions.
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