TIBCO Releases Spotfire 4.5-Extending Data Access, Analysis, and Mobile Features

TIBCO, a Palo Alto, California—based provider of a diverse number of business and information technology (IT) software applications, has announced the availability of TIBCO Spotfire 4.5, its business intelligence and analytics platform. This new version contains enhancements in different functional areas.


The release of TIBCO Spotfire contains improvements in analysis of big data, enabling access to new types of structured and unstructured data sources. TIBCO Spotfire 4.5 provides access to sources like Apache Hadoop and enables the creation of data mashups using both structured and unstructured data in a seamlessly way.

Enhances were also made to its already powerful predictive analytics component, providing extended pre-package analysis capabilities as well as access to third-party analytics models like SAS and MATHLAB without having to leave Spotfire’s environment. Lars Bauerle, vice president of product strategy at TIBCO Spotfire, states:
With these advancements, Spotfire has clearly established itself as the visualization-based data discovery platform for every data type that organizations leverage for invaluable insight. We’re now allowing organizations to pull back the curtain on every data type, regardless of volume, variety, velocity or complexity.

In this regard, Ira Haimowitz, executive vice president, intelligence and analytics at The CementBloc adds:
Using Spotfire, The CementBloc can better understand sales and marketing trends, assess digital campaign performance and make recommendations to its clients faster than ever before. Spotfire has the ability to integrate multiple information sources and bring new relationships to life that otherwise wouldn’t have been discovered. We’re able to derive new insight into how well a message is resonating and which activities and materials are most effective for achieving campaign goals.

Along with these improvements, Spotfire has enhanced the functionality for creating mobile applications within the iPad at a faster pace.

An increasing number of software providers are reshaping their offerings to fit the new need in the marketplace for high-performance analysis of large volumes of information as well as to provide real-time results to an ever-increasing data consumption world.

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