TIBCO Spotfire 5 Brings the Power of Discovery to Big Data

TIBCO seems to be apt at acquiring specialist or niche tools and then making them mainstream and horizontal (for multiple industries), and embeddable for partners. One great example is Spotfire, which was a great interactive data visualization tool in certain industries. Spotfire 5 includes a completely re-architected in-memory engine specifically built to enable users from across the enterprise to visualize and interact with massive amounts of data. The product is in its nth generation of in-memory technology, and TIBCO loves SAP HANA's recent validation of the space (and the noise it generates). Spotfire will even hook onto HANA in the future—Hana's visualization is nowhere near as good as Spotfire's. Spotfire 5 already integrates with global data warehousing leaders Teradata, Oracle, and Microsoft, and accesses Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) cubes.

Additionally, Spotfire 5 extends its leadership in predictive analytics and enterprise-grade scalability. A demo at the recently held TUCON 2012 user conference showed an incredible speed for visually analyzing astonishing volumes of data in-memory. As stated earlier, the product now provides the ability to execute complex calculations in-database with Teradata, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server as well as the ability to visually explore data residing in Microsoft SSAS cubes.

Spotfire 5 also delivers enterprise-strength self-service predictive analytics to speed decisions and help customers achieve TIBCO’s trademarked “two-second advantage” notion—the ability to have the relevant info slightly before the event takes place. The new TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R engine within Spotfire 5 brings scalability and stability to agile open-source R language for statistical computing, and enables users to adapt and implement enterprise-grade predictive models in hours, not days. Providing 10 times the performance of the open-source R project for predictive analytics and self-service predictive analytics should be the winning messages for TIBCO Spotfire.

A key component of TIBCO’s big data strategy, Spotfire 5 is designed to leverage the full family of TIBCO business optimization and big data solutions, including TIBCO LogLogic, TIBCO Silver Fabric, TIBCO Silver Mobile, TIBCO BusinessEvents, tibbr, and TIBCO ActiveSpaces. For example, integration with TIBCO SilverFabric provides intelligent load balancing and an elastic Web Player Server architecture to help enterprises advance operational efficiency through new levels of self-service. Managed as a service from within Spotfire 5, SilverFabric allows interactive dashboards on the TIBCO Spotfire Web Player to scale up and down in response to large groups of simultaneous business users, while preventing over-provisioning. For its part, the combination of TIBCO, LogLogic data collection (high volumes of machine data and server log streams) with Spotfire data visualization provides good cross-sales opportunities. The TIBCO Silver Mobile platform will help with dishing out Spotfire analytics to mobile devices.

In general, the biggest benefit of big data solutions is to find hidden patterns and answers in your existing data via an easy user experience. The idea is to help business users make decisions based not only on the final score, but rather on all of the events and patterns that make the company win or lose. Self-service, scalable, accessible, and smart analytics solutions are all the right directions for TIBCO.

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