TIBCO and Teradata Partner to Deliver Extreme Data Discovery and Analytics

teradataandspotfire150.pngTIBCO and Teradata announced that they will combine technologies to offer a new platform for advanced analytics and extreme data discovery capabilities. Combining Teradata’s Enterprise Data Warehouse and TIBCO Spotfire 5, both software and technology providers will be able to expand their product capabilities to provide faster and more powerful data analysis tools for large volumes of information.

According to Lars Bauerle, vice president of product strategy for TIBCO Spotfire:
Through this combination, individuals can perform ad hoc analytics and build out reusable analytic applications with workflows that guide business professionals to make the best decisions possible. We believe sustainable competitive advantage can be achieved when pervasive deployment enables everyone from the back office to the front lines to make the smartest and fastest decisions possible.

Many organizations are in need of tools to address their big data analysis challenges. Technology providers are looking for ways to fulfill those customer needs.

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