Tableau Now with Connector to SAP HANA

tableausoftware150.pngTableau's has just released its new connector for SAP's promising new platform: SAP HANA. Unveiled during SAP's SAPPHIRE-TechEd  in Madrid, the connector will be able to explore information stored in the SAP HANA database and bring it to life with Tableau's appealing and innovative visualizations.

The connector is available for version 7.0.9, and it can connect to SAP HANA via ODBC and SQL. The connector lets Tableau take advantage of SAP HANA's in-memory processing power, letting information live in HANA, and then using Tableau to visualize the data.

Tableau's offering can be attractive for both SAP and Tablaeu users—it's another visualization option for information in HANA besides SAP's Visual Intelligence, and Tableau users will be happy to know they can still use their application of choice even when SAP HANA is incorporated as the source of information.
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