Talarian and NextSet Team for B2B Solutions

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Talarian and NextSet Team for B2B Solutions
M. Reed - December 21, 2000

Event Summary

NextSet, a provider of open, high-performance Internet trading exchange solutions, and Talarian Corporation (NASDAQ: TALR), a vendor of real-time infrastructure software, announced today they have entered into a partnership that will allow the two companies to offer complete Internet exchange solutions. According to a joint press release by the two vendors, "the combined platform is designed to allow customers faster time-to-market when combining NextSet's Evolution open B2B platform and Internet exchange applications with the reliability, scalability and security found in the Talarian SmartSockets product."

"Talarian welcomes the opportunity to partner with NextSet, offering complete Internet exchange solutions to the e-Business world," said Tom Laffey, Chief Technical Officer for Talarian. "Our products have successfully provided security and scalability for a variety of real-time revenue critical environments found in the leading financial exchanges. We see NextSet as a key partner in helping us provide reliable Internet exchange solutions for business-critical problems across all industries."

General availability of the integrated products is scheduled for early 2001.

Market Impact

Once again, an enterprise application integration vendor has seen the growing market for integrated business-to-business exchanges and is looking for a place at the table. Undoubtedly, other EAI software houses will be closely examining this new product and using what they learn to catch up quickly. The EAI and B2B markets are moving at such a rapid pace that the "keep up or die" syndrome has set in with a vengeance. This development coincides with announcements by webMethods, Tibco, and other leading EAI vendors regarding product releases along the same lines.

User Recommendations

Companies considering creating business-to-business trading exchanges should include the Talarian/NextSet solution on a long list of candidates. The vendors appear to understand that the customer's environment is likely to be non-transactional, unreliable (stateless) and low-performance (at least for a portion of the unit of work). The fact that they are aiming to create a product that solves these problems is a good starting point for a dialog between prospective customers and the vendors.

In addition, since the product will not be available until early 2001, customers may be able to negotiate price based on willingness to be a beta customer.

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