Telligent Community 7.5 and Telligent Enterprise 4.5 with Telligent Analytics 4.0: New Updates

Telligent has announced the release of new capabilities for two of its enterprise social community software solutions: Telligent Community and Telligent Enterprise. A new version of Telligent Analytics was released at the same time.

Both Telligent Community and Telligent Enterprise include similar sets of new functionality: real-time alerts, a new message center with instant messaging, social ideation, and social login enhanced with Google and Microsoft Live Connect.

Telligent Analytics was significantly enhanced with:

  • Dynamic Content Discovery: unveils pertinent content to users based on community analytics, which looks for materials that are similar to what users are engaging with;

  • Tailored Network Suggestions: connects people with similar interests to each other and suggests connections;

  • Shared Social Insights: the ability to share meaningful reports within the community allows decision makers to understand the progress of certain activities such as crowdsourcing;

  • Expert Identification through Behavioral Science: includes identification of experts within individual profiles;

  • Built for Big Data: Telligent Analytics can now integrate with other business intelligence systems;

  • Configurable Reports with Telligent's widget framework: allows users to customize reports; and

  • Measurements for Crowdsourced Contributions: gives a broad picture of the individuals who are contributing towards maintaining a healthy and engaged community.

As social technology has evolved to rely heavily on analytics, we are witnessing a trend in intelligent search and recommendation engines within the social business platform or enterprise 2.0 software solutions market. This however invites the obvious question whether automating people's curiosity for finding new things does not 'trap them' in their comfort zones.
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