Teloquent To e.t.: Now You Can Call Or Use The Web

  • Written By: D. Geller
  • Published: April 21 2000

Teloquent To e.t.: Now You Can Call Or Use The Web
D. Geller - April 21st, 2000

Event Summary

Teloquent Communications Corporation has its roots in telephony, as an enabler of call centers. Their Web ContactServer 2.1 integrates traditional telephone routing with Web-based customer service tools to provide a consistent experience for both customers and agents. Customers browsing a website are given multiple options for seeking assistance, including requesting immediate callback, real-time chat and page push.

Market Impact

Unlike the Web, working in the telephony space is difficult, and by integrating the two Teloquent believes it offers real value. While there are other companies, from Lucent on down, that also combine the Web with telephony, Teloquent claims that its scalability provides it with a unique niche. They suggest that systems like Nortel's and Lucent's do not scale down well, while other smaller competitors have not yet acquired the knack of scaling up to support help centers with as many as 1800 agents.

Together with some of its other products Teloquent can enable a company to build a very functional combined media call center, and should have no trouble establishing a strong niche within the overall CRM market.

User Recommendations

The users most interested in Teloquent's solution will be those bricks-and-mortar or direct merchants who already have existing call centers, and existing call center management companies that want to break into e-commerce. A dot-com that believes phone service is necessary to its success should also be interested, but may be better off outsourcing its call center operations to a vendor that uses Teloquent's system or one like it.

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