Teradata Introduces Unified Data Environment

teradata150.pngDuring its annual Partners event, Teradata, an important data warehouse and analytics provider, introduced its new Analytic Architecture Services that will aid in accelerating deployment of the Teradata Unified Data Environment, a framework that will enable organizations to work with a wide variety of data within Teradata’s environments. By combining its analytic platform Teradata Aster offering and the implementation of the open source big data platform Hadoop in the Teradata Unified Data Environment through the Analytic Architecture Services, the data warehousing company will be able to offer its users access to a wide variety of data sources (both structured and multi-structured) and allow analysis using a single platform.


Figure courtesy of Teradata

In this regard, Scott Gnau, president of Teradata Labs, mentioned,
The Teradata Unified Data Architecture becomes the new normal, because its value to organizations is more than the sum of the individual technologies. The Teradata Unified Data Architecture, with best-in-class technology, provides business users fast and seamless answers to their questions regardless of the type of data analyzed.

To enable this, Teradata will rely as well on three new software offerings:

  • Teradata Viewpoint: A web-based system interface for management and monitoring.

  • Teradata Connector for Hadoop: A highspeed connector with capabilities to connect with Cloudera and Hortonworks.

  • Teradata Vital Infrastructure: The manager for the entire Teradata Unified Data Architecture.

Teradata is really engaged with providing its users with more mechanisms for leveraging more agile and versatile data warehousing and analytics offerings.
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