Teradata Launches Big Analytics Appliance

teradata150.pngTeradata, a provider of data warehouse and analytics solutions, has released a new appliance designed specifically to manage big-data projects by integrating Apache Hadoop and Teradata Aster into a single appliance.

Scott Gnau, president of Teradata Labs, said:
The Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance offers the faster path from diverse big data acquisition to big insights, and seamlessly delivers these insights to the business owners. Unmatched by any other stack in the industry, it enables organizations to overcome the barriers to big data analytics and provides a high-definition view of the business to optimize operations.

Users will have transparent access to Hadoop and ready-to-run analytical functions for different verticals such as social network analysis, digital marketing, and so on. And it is designed for extreme analytics execution.

This is an interesting offer from Teradata for those users who already need to address big-data analysis issues and tasks.
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