Teradata and RainStor Join Forces for 2011

A recent post from Doug Henschen in InformationWeek detailed the newsworthy alliance of data warehousing vendor Teradata and online storage specialist RainStor, which highlights the importance that big data markets are acquiring. Big data is turning into "giant data," and organizations that manage very large amounts of information are demanding that software vendors enable the management of increasing volumes of data. For this reason, Teradata and RainStor are joining forces to bring new offerings in 2011, enabling both companies to offer online storage at competitive prices.

Henschen quotes Chris Twogood, senior director of product and services marketing at Teradata, as saying "we're trying to position this as being as cost-effective as tape without compression; but the problem with tape storage is that it's off line."

This is a significant move for Teradata in terms of repositioning its role within the big data market by improving its compression and data storing structure and allowing Teradata to take advantage of RainStor's capabilities for the protection of software-as-a-service (SaaS)–based data.

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