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The Birds, the B's and the Web

Written By: D. Geller
Published On: February 16 2000

Event Summary

NBC Internet Inc. (NBCi) will pay $225 million in stock to purchase AllBusiness.com. AllBusiness.com is a business-to-business site offering advice and services to small businesses. NBCi will use it to develop additional business-to-business offerings.

Market Impact

AllBusiness.com is already an attractive small business portal with a rich variety of content and a marketplace provided by OnSite, which merged with Egghead in July 1999. The influx of money and resources, including savvy Alan Braverman, President of NBCi's business-to-business division, will lead to a rapid expansion of AllBusiness.com.

It is a given that ads for AllBusiness.com will soon be appearing on the peacock network, and the network that made ER's George Clooney a star and brought discussions of emergency thorectomies to the water cooler can probably do the same for AllBusiness.com. However, given that this site is a direct, and extremely strong, competitor to Microsoft's bCentral, we will have to wait to see which sites get advertised on MSNBC.

User Recommendations

Small business owners and entrepreneurs should watch AllBusiness.com carefully over the next six months. The site's content and money-saving offers will only become more varied and lucrative, especially as NBCi moves into an aggressive program of acquiring members.

Larger businesses with E-commerce aspirations will be interested both in opportunities to sell to smaller companies through the AllBuisness.com marketplace and in emulating the new ideas that we expect will be implemented on the site.


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