The Handspring Visor Goes Wireless ~Look out Palm VII!

  • Written By: P. Hayes
  • Published: July 21 2000

The Handspring Visor Goes Wireless ~ Look out Palm VII!
P. Hayes - July 21, 2000

Event Summary

At the New York PC Expo in June, OmniSky Corporation, a provider of branded wireless Internet services for users of handheld mobile devices, confirmed its plan to bring wireless Internet and e-mail services to the Handspring Visor.

Market Impact

Well, the Visor is not going to be quite an all-in-one unit like the Palm VII. The Visor will rely on an external Novatel Wireless modem to communicate with the Internet. Given the modem is approximately $250 - $300 USD and the Handspring Visor is another $249 the combined package costs the same as the Palm VII device, which retails for $499 USD.

The Palm VII has the advantage of being an all-in-one device, however the Palm VII is limited to 2MB RAM for storing e-mail, address, Internet Information and utilities which simply put, is far from enough. The Handspring Visor comes with 8MB of RAM and can be upgraded, allowing a user adequate room for growth. Both devices use the same operating system with Palm having the advantage in terms of name recognition and the Handspring having the advantage in terms of expandability and overall cost.

User Recommendations

A user can expect faster Internet connectivity through the Visor and Novatel Wireless Modem utilizing OmniSky as the service provider. A user can also expect far greater storage capacity in the Handspring Visor, however it is not quite the 'turn-key' up and running solution that the Palm VII is.

If you are evaluating the Palm VII make sure to look at the Handspring Visor / Novatel wireless combination. You will be glad you did. With that much said it is also important to keep in mind that Palm will be releasing new versions of wireless PDAs in the near future which have better expandability and upgrade ability coupled with faster connectivity. In other words, if you have 90 days available to wait to purchase it will be worth your while.

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