Thermoforming Company Starts ERP/MES Project with IQMS

iqms-logo.jpgC.W. Thomas, Philadelphia-based manufacturer of vacuum/pressure formed products, and IQMS, vendor of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution system (MES) software, announced today that they have signed an agreement to implement several IQMS solutions: ERP software EnterpriseIQ and MES offerings that include, among other things, the shop floor control solution ShopData and production monitoring module RealTime.

This packaged solution from a recognized manufacturing software vendor is supposed to replace an archaic DOS-based homegrown system combined with Excel spreadsheets. The existing tool requires many duplicate manual efforts to sustain production and is obviously not fully capable of supporting the business.

As a company that is highly focused on certain high-standard markets such as transportation, aerospace, industrial and medical devices, it could not afford to be running its business on an outdated solution. Therefore, the software selection project was initiated. C.W. Thomas apparently took a solid approach to the selection: along with analyzing the available functionality, it looked for a knowledgeable industry-specific vendor with credible customer references and a reasonably low total cost of ownership for the product. As a result, the IQMS solutions were selected.

It's also worth mentioning that, according to Robert Brennan, vice president of operations at C.W. Thomas, the company deliberately excluded two other IQMS competitors from the software shortlist because they offered overabundant functionality features that the company does not need and unlikely would need in the future. ERP software seekers that select their future software based on the principle that more functionality is better should take note. As we can see, it's not always true.
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