Thomas Kurian Unveils Expanded Oracle Cloud Services Portfolio

oralogo-small1.gifToday at Oracle Open World, Thomas Kurian announced the addition of seven new components to its Oracle Cloud Service offering:

  • Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service

  • Oracle Financial Reporting Cloud Service

  • Oracle Data and Insight Cloud Service

  • Oracle Social Sites Cloud Service

  • Oracle Developer Cloud Service

  • Oracle Storage Cloud Service

  • Oracle Messaging Cloud Service

Kurian and his guests demonstrated how these tools contribute towards building robust Oracle Cloud Application Services such as Sales and Marketing Services and Customer Service and Support Services. For example, Oracle Data and Insight Cloud Service facilitates a comprehensive and up-to-date compilation of customer, prospect, and contact information by exploiting data from enterprise, social, and external sources. Today's speakers also emphasized Oracle Cloud's capability to integrate public and private services, as needed. One example is the opening of a customer complaint ticket via Twitter. Businesses can respond both on Twitter or by e-mail, depending on the confidentiality level of the information that they want to transmit.
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