Three Tips for PLM Boot Camp ’09 Attendees

  • Written By: Yu Chen
  • Published: October 1 2009

PLM Boot Camp ’09 is coming in one week. As one of the committee members for this event, I’m delighted to provide three tips to those who are planning to attend this two-day virtual conference.

Tip #1: Prepare to See a “Different” PLM

PLM Boot Camp ’09 is obviously focused on product lifecycle management (PLM). However, it also has vertical foci: the fashion and consumer products industries. If a couple of years ago I had been told there would be such an event, I wouldn’t have believed there would be a large enough audience. However, things are changing significantly in these specific PLM fields. In the fashion sector alone, there are over 40 software solutions that serve specific PLM needs from this vertical. Although the methodology of PLM stays the same, when it comes to applying PLM in the fashion and consumer products industries, the business cases, adoption strategies, and functionality priorities are likely to be different than in industries such as aerospace and automotive.

Tip #2: Take Advantage of Going Virtual

Instead of broadcasting live audio accompanied by slide shows (in the usual way of a webinar), all the presentations are recorded, edited, and transcribed beforehand in order to provide the best experience for attendees. I have seen some sample clips of the online presentations provided by the PLM Boot Camp ’09 production team. The quality is great.

Although the conference will happen virtually, the production team has been quite creative in providing a life-like event–attendees can chat with speakers and other attendees during session breaks; a virtual goody bag provides great value in terms of tools and documents that help PLM selection and adoption; and virtual booths are available for you to visit and chat with exhibitors.

Tip #3: Grab the Two Main Threads of the Conference

I have to admit that the agenda of PLM Boot Camp ’09 looks quite crowded (14 sessions in 2 days!). If you are working on your own priorities, understanding the main threads of the conference may help. While planning sessions and speakers, the committee established two main threads for the entire conference–the first day is strategy-oriented, and the second day is more about implementing PLM systems.

During the strategy thread, you will be exposed to such topics as PLM adoption strategy, PLM leadership, PLM return on investment (ROI), PLM solution selection, etc. During the implementation thread, you can expect to learn how to successfully implement a PLM system from A to Z, including identification of as-is business processes, optimization of to-be business processes, risk management and change management in PLM implementation, system integration tools, and more.

I hope the three tips above will help maximize the value of your attendance at PLM Boot Camp ’09, and I look forward to meeting you there, virtually!
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