‘Tis that time of the year when customer and technical support people go crazy…

This happens either because customers did not want to pay for upgrades or customizations all year long, or vendors simply ignored their clients’ needs and requests. Christmas is the time of year when business software proves what it can really do because it’s used very close to its full potential , when sales and purchases are at a very high level.

Unfortunately, customer and technical support people are caught between the vendor and its customers and there isn’t much they can do—except maybe for psychological support. To decrease their frustration, I came up with some carols adapted to technical support:

I Saw Three Ships all in transit, but they get here after Christmas—the customer is going to kill me!
It Came Upon the Midnight, Cleared from customs—but we have no trucks to get it to the warehouse.
Joy to the World, profit to the owner, extra working hours for us.
The First Noel working in technical support—and my last!
Silent Night is something I didn’t have this week.
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, but not before everything gets shipped out.
O Christmas Tree, you’re still in the truck of my car.

Happy Holidays to customer and technical support people everywhere!
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