Toll Chemicals Manufacturer Selects DEACOM ERP

Holly Oak Chemical Inc. recently selected the DEACOM enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to streamline its multifaceted custom toll manufacturing operations. Toll manufacturing is similar to contract manufacturing: a manufacturing company with specialized equipment processes raw materials or semi-finished goods for another chemical company.
Holly Oak has been manufacturing customized products since the family-owned company started in 1979. Often the staff doesn't know what will be produced each day until the phone rings in the plant—then everyone scurries in order to maintain the company’s standard for a reliably quick turnaround time.
With all products manufactured on a batch-by-batch basis, and production sizes ranging from lab samples to bulk loads, Holly Oak has developed a production process that has worked effectively over the years. However, its obsolete and de-supported ERP system has created unnecessary operational complexity and cost that impair progress and growth. Holly Oak thus sought an ERP system that offers batch industry-specific functionality, flexibility to support its custom production process, and a modern technology foundation that would allow the company to remain current with simple upgrades. The company owners did not want to evaluate ERP software again in five or ten years.
After initially looking at some niche chemical ERP products on old technology as well as some generic renowned ERP products, Holly Oak was quickly impressed by Deacom's responsiveness throughout the evaluation process, the deep industry-specific knowledge and capability, and the transparency of the vendor's guaranteed fixed pricing structure. The company also saw significant value in Deacom’s single functional system model, built to enable evolution by eliminating complex and costly customizations and bolt-ons. Holly Oak also cites Deacom's mobile application and warehouse management system (WMS) as functionality the company plans to use in the near future.
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