Transparent Language Launches 7000 Languages Project

transparent-language1.jpgThe language-technology provider Transparent Language Inc. announced that it would provide free technological support to those interested in under-resourced languages, with its 7000 Languages Project.

The project stems from Transparent Language's former Heritage and Endangered Languages Preservation Program (HELP Program), which started in 2009. While working on this nonprofit initiative, Transparent Language teamed up with BASAbali to design the first multimedia course materials for the teaching of Balinese. This joined effort became the starting point of the 7000 Languages Project.

The National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages (NCOLCTL) is one of the principal partners to the project which, together with other organizations, will be contributing to the creation of linguistic content. In fact, based on Ethnologue's statistics, of today's approximately 7,105 living languages, 7,000 are under-utilized, as they are not required by commercial exchanges and therefore can be 'othered.' NCOLCTL and similar organizations will supervise the process by which vetted language experts are sustained to generate content in these 'other' languages.

The copyright arrangements between content creators and technology owners assert that language project teams have full ownership of their content while Transparent Language owns the technology. Transparent Language envisions a whole range of projects to be implement as part of the initiative—i.e., basic survival vocabulary acquisition programs, or highly structured, learning management system (LMS)-tracked courses with a full suite of interactive learning activities, including alphabet lessons and social media integration.
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